22 thoughts on “Fix 90% of Briggs lawn mower not starting problems. Easy repair.

  1. There was a old lawnmower in my Mom's shed. It sat there for countless years. I pulled the plug out of it and the ploes were fused together. Put in a different plug and that mower fired right up on the fifth pull. I thought that carburetor would be all gummed up. I proceeded to cut grass with it. My Mom was surprised that it was running and so was I. One of lifes memories since my Mom has passed.

  2. My spark plug gets dirty with soot and won’t start. I have to remove and clean plug for it to start again. Would cleaning carb fix my problem? Any help you can give is greatly appreciated

  3. I like this video. Now if you can point me to the video that shows how to fix one that was turned over the wrong way and got drowned in its own oil.

  4. I changed the flywheel key, cleaned carb and replaced diaphram, lapped the valves. Lawnmower starts first pull but overheats very very fast about 30seconds. I dont know what else I can do. So many hours wasted. 🙁 Any ideas? 3,5hp briggs lawn mower

  5. mine is very difficult to start and lobes like crazy when it does run like it's about to jump off the road… what would cause this?

  6. My poulan pro lawn mower used to run 5 -10 minutes and stop. I changed spark plug, didn't help, then I changed gasket, same problem, then I replaced O ring with white retainer, same problem. While I was changing gasket and O ring, I noticed the plastic fuel suction tube of carburetor has has dirt stick where the mesh screen filter is, I had already cleaned that screen but didn't work. I decided to take out the fuel tank and separate the carburetor again, put the gasket and O ring parts on a side, empty up the fuel tank and washout the fuel tank and carburetor with garden hose on high pressure. I dried fuel tank on oven top, yes I was careful about fire, I used wire hanger to hold fuel tank on oven. I used hair dryer to dry plastic carburetor, make sure you keep pressing the red rubber button to release all water from inside. I left the parts in garage for another 24 hours to dry completely, then I installed and its working and sounds like brand new. I mowed the lawn for one hour and it didn't stop. I replaced almost everything but washout fixed the problem. I noticed before washout, the rubber push button was delayed while it used to come back, but after washing out, button comes back quickly. If your red button is delayed coming back, you need to wash your carburetor and fuel tank.

  7. Thanks for the video. My mower was giving me problems with the rpm’s they were going up and down and with this video I could order the seal, got it next day and I just finished fixing it. Running like new. I’m following your channel right now.

  8. Awesome thanks for sharing. I have a question with a carburetor on a 6.5 Briggs power washer that i found on the side of the road that im working on to fix and sell. I was able to get the motor running however when i slide the choke to the run position it dies. But will run on the choke side. i can move the throttle just fine from low rpm to higher rpm. (Turtle to rabbit) any ideas whats the issue? It's a learning curve for me.

  9. I tipped my mower the wrong way and oil spilled from the exhaust, is this fix going to work or do I need to do something more extensive? Thanks in advance!

  10. I have an edger with that carb and it stalled while trying to edge a thick chunk of grass. The grass got clogged up in the edger blade and stalled it. I cleaned out all the grass and checked to make sure the blade moves freely. But will not start no matter what I do. Won't even try to start. Any ideas?

  11. Brilliant tips that I have never seen before and I have previously seen loads of videos on this subject, great video and to the point!Many thanks!

  12. Hey thanks for the help, well I did this and now my lawn mower is running fine (RPM's not jumping up and down) but now there is a whole load of smoke coming out of the lawn mower from the exhaust. I think there might be oil leaking into the carburetor or something cause I can smell some oil burning in the smoke. Is there any advice you have to fix the smoke, I know it may be oil level but I am going to check that tommorrow. Any help would be extremely appreciated, and thanks for making the great tutorial.

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