Fix a Leaking Briggs & Stratton Flo-Jet Carb for GOOD!

How to rebuild a leaking Briggs and Stratton Flo-Jet carb. These carbs ALWAYS leak. These carb rebuild tips will make sure your carburetor doesn’t ever leak again! It is impossible to tune a leaking carburetor. Briggs and Stratton has a service bulletin to fix this. PARTS BELOW:

● Briggs Service Bulletin:
● Alternate Link If One Above Doesn’t Work:

Make sure that you read the documents above. They will tell you exactly how to use the teflon washers to fix your leaking carb.

*****The part number for the kit is 391413. Get them HERE: *****

● Briggs and Stratton Single Cylinder L-Head Service Manual:

This is the a Briggs service manual that will help you tune your carb after you fix the leaks.

Briggs and Stratton Parts:
►Teflon Sealing Washers:
►Carb Rebuild Kit 394693:
►Carb Gasket 27918:
►Carb Gasket 485-334:
►Permatex Aviation Gasket Maker:

.******Make sure that you look up your EXACT model to double check that you get the EXACT gaskets you need to double up.******

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These carbs are the WORST design EVER! They always leak and NEVER run right until you do these mods to them.



3 thoughts on “Fix a Leaking Briggs & Stratton Flo-Jet Carb for GOOD!

  1. You can buy an import version of that carb (Briggs p/n 390323) on Amazon for fifteen bucks. I bought one just to disassemble and study, before I rebuild the 71 year old Stromberg UC 3/4 on my 1948 Gibson. They're both updraft carbs and similar in design.

  2. Thank's for posting this ………. I had ran out of those parts and wanted to make sure of that number …………

    In fact those washers are used on the tank and carb 3 1/2 HP engines also…. But you use the small pin and the washer on that fix………

    I gotcha subbed also ………..

    Plus Tard Mon Ami ~!~!

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