Fix Mower that won’t start Craftsman 700 series platinum Briggs and Stratton

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Did your mower work in the fall, then will not start in the spring? It;s bad gas! Here is how to fix it. Also use non ethanol gas in the future.



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  1. GUMOUT is good stuff, buddy! I used to spray a full can through the carb on my Blazer once a year (as the engine was lightly revved up) when I did an annual overall maintenance. I am convinced it even helped my gas mileage.
    ETHANOL is BAD stuff, buddy! Gums up the works, gas mileage goes down. spit sputter ping! In Germany they are adding Ethanol and pushing it both economically and politically. Mechanics are telling people not to use it because they have seen a dramatic increase of repairs of cars that have had ethanol run through it. Some of the motors were damaged beyond repair.

  2. I recently tore down my mowers carb and cleaned it all up. I found the problems that have been plaguing me for 2 seasons. One was a sticking float bowl. I cant count how many times I pulled the bowl to clean the needle and seat – never stuck when I was servicing it – duh! And the other problem was gunk in the tiny holes of the bolt that holds the bowl up onto the carb. Now that thing runs like a champ!

  3. I have the same 700 series.  The thing will not start.  Fresh gas, flushed and drained tank.  New fuel line to the carb.  Cleaned the bowl out.  Cleaned up the magnetic point.  Cleaned the new spark plug just to be sure.  Nothing.  Not sure what to try next.

  4. Thanks, I got the mower to turn on a few times using your method. Is there a fluid I can pour down fuel tank? I have a new mower but have not used in years.

  5. please i need help with my new lawn mower… I just got it from store and cut the grass 3 times… so, last time stop working for itself.. and the filter looks that it is  full of oil.. what can i do?????

  6. My lawn mower is brand new used it only once last year. But it didn't start at all this year. Your method really works. Thank you so much

  7. I have 700 i did all the fixes still did not it took me som thinking .an it had to be that sob ded man bar and thats what it is I call sears it's under a recall .I pisst a day way. thanks saers for not helping ! the cable broke an it did not look bad till i started polling on it .still waiting on sears to call me back.i jimmy the kill switch to cut the grass it hot to safe but it work s for nail.

  8. It worked!! Thank you so much for this video!! Additional money, time and frustration was alleviated by using this technique. Many thxs!!

  9. I have a pretty similar Craftsman I bought a year ago. I had a sprinkler valve broken so I shut off the water, therefore my grass died and after 3 or 4 months my mower won't start. Already added gas. I heard maybe I have to drain and put fresh gas. I checked the outside air filter and oil and everything looks ok. So for sure I will try your carb cleaner method and will let you know. Also it may help
    Thanks for your videos

  10. Thank you sir! One trip to the hardware store, and $6 later….my lawnmower isn't going to the shop, which I had intended to do today!

  11. Thank you very much for this video. I Was getting ready to take it into the shop and thought why not try this. Wow and it fired right up afterwards. Happy camper here!! Cheers

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