FIX: Sears Craftsman (briggs and stratton) Snow Blower, Stops after a few minutes

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Your Snow Blower, runs for a few min, then, STOPS.
Let’s put the internet fixes to the test!

Note: Sound/Picture Quality Improves midway!



10 thoughts on “FIX: Sears Craftsman (briggs and stratton) Snow Blower, Stops after a few minutes

  1. Have the same blower…carb work..there is on an idle adjustment screw… how do u set it? There is no throttle or air mix screw adjustments.

  2. Lost the red plastic plug, What is it and what can i rig????Mine won't stay running,Just started.Sounds like it's fouling out.Choke,Gas,Spark plug all good.

  3. @gregg plz help me i have no idea whats wrong with my machine it starts and runs fine no stalls or anything if warmed starts with one kick BUT.. when in snow it does not last longer than 30 yards runs and stops like its making no stalling noise but as soon as it almost like 30 yards it stops and then wont start have to wait for like 15 min to start but doesnt work only start

  4. I have a craftsman 5 22 with a Tecumseh engine as soon as the top of the engine gets wet it stalls out spark plug on top of engine exposed when sprayed with WD 40 or wire dryer it starts again until the next time it gets wet I'm looking for a way to waterproof the top maybe fabricating a cover out of aluminum for the life of me I can't can't understand why this is happening I have a toro with a 4 HP engine with the spark plug on top and never had a problem with it, I'm at a loss could the coil be bad why would an engine designed to be used in wet conditions be vulnerable it makes no sense, unfortunately the original owner who purchased it new is no longer with us to ask if he had this problem.

  5. hi greg i think the little rubber ring that goes on the spark plug Actually part of the spark plug socket !!!!!!!!!!!! it holds the plug to the socket.

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