16 thoughts on “Fix the Governor!

  1. You and guys like you amaze me. You remind me of my uncle who used to work at General Electric, in Ft. Wayne, and some guys at International Harvester who worked in the Machine Shop, and then when I heard South Bend, it makes sense to me now. Great job. You guys are a dying breed. For me to fix the play, I would have wrapped the short shaft with a couple rounds of aluminum foil, but what you did is terrific.

  2. A '43 model would be a 2N, which started in '42. I have two '49 8Ns and have failed trying to pull the rear hubs off from the outside. I wonder now if they are assembled backwards like this.

  3. Very interesting ball clutch assembly. Good repair job, too. Enjoyed your video as usual. I hope you find time to do more. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Nice work Jeff! Funny to see that a moped uses a similar set-up for it's hi-lo clutch as does a tractor's governor…It's just wild that they used the exact same principles for the opposite ends of the motorized world, LOL! Back in Hawaii we used to sup-up mopeds and make them go faster than a rocket ship, at least  until 'Johnny Law' figured it out and got the legislature involved. They sure know how to take the fun out of everything!

    At least the didn't take the fun out of your videos, I really enjoyed that and can't wait for more. I'll have a video of my old SB lathe back running again here real soon…kinda forgot how to film it's been so long 😉


  5. The way that 5088 is faded it looks like you have been painting it pink too! lol Lot of goofy shaped parts to hold on that gov assembly, but you got it done. You all been getting lots of rain your way? Wettest July ever I think here.

  6. Back in the 1920s, my dad was an automobile and farm equipment mechanic around Anaheim, CA. One of the Model T (or as he called it, "T Model") hop up tricks was to bore the motor and install Ford tractor "light metal" pistons. I assume light metal was aluminum…

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