17 thoughts on “Fixing a Craftsman EZ Start Auto Choke Mower

  1. yeah got one of those auto primers and it needs an overhaul
    got a toro with the blade clutch and all it needed was a clutch cable at first but then it wouldn't run right , lost power on the slightest bit of grass do you think it could be fixed with out buying new gasets and o rings , probably not
    the clutch cable is also really tight like its not enguaging all the way or something
    got my dad to buy it for $100 like 2 years algo and didnt even last a year it was only a few months before the carb was fucking up.

  2. I hate those autochoke carbs. For my good customers, I charge them less to convert it with knockoff primer based carb and put an OEM primer back plate on it. I get $70 for the work and parts cost around $35 and it takes me all of 15 minutes to do it. Then I rebuild the carb and sell with a core charge it to my I saw the YouTube video and now I'm a mechanic people. Lather, rinse, repeat. I'm also able to sell the springs and linkages separately to those that actually need them.

  3. I have a yard man 6.75 Briggs. Ez start. No primer ball. Starts fine. First pull. After ran , and hot. It won't start back up. Any suggestions

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