Fixing a No Start Plastic Carburetor Lawnmower Best Instructions on YouTube

Complete repair from start to finish. Briggs & Stratton 450e Series 125cc Bolens pushmower.

This video is long, but well worth the time if you need to do this repair.

If you have never done this kind of work, you WILL be able to do this !!

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32 thoughts on “Fixing a No Start Plastic Carburetor Lawnmower Best Instructions on YouTube

  1. One of my viewers said when he put it back together, gas ran out and into the filter. After about a dozen of these, I had the same problem. When installing the float, make SURE both sides of the pin are pushed securely into their snap in receiver. My eyes are getting old, NOT ME, but my eyes are…. LOL. Anyway, I snapped the other side in and it was perfect once again….. Also, like a viewer suggested to me…. remove the three small bolts holding the recoil on and the gas tank will slide straight up and out of two slots. Makes it easier to deal with the fuel line.

  2. Thanks for the great video. I did just what you did, including washing it in detergent. It took a little over an hour and that included wash time. It fired right up and runs great now. Thanks again for putting in the time to help folks out!

  3. have same mower , did mine in @ an hour, i used carb cleaner, canned air, to blow things out, fired rit up, grt tutorial thank you so much!

  4. Very good step by step with comical relief instructions. Now I'll try it with the one my wife found in the trash that looks brand new. I hope this works or it'll be in my trash๐Ÿ˜† for someone else to try and fix. I agree there should be a fuel filter to keep out the crud. Thanks for the great video๐Ÿ‘

  5. Thank you! I could see the blockages in the holes. After cleaning one pull and it fired up. One question: Are plastic carbs more susceptible to humming up? I put Stabil in the gas late last fall.

  6. Thanks! I'm thinking of snipping the fuel line and installing a fuel filter. Do you think this would work ok, or do you think it'd leak? Maybe you can do a video on that!

  7. Thank you very much for this video. I just worked on a friends carb and cleaned it better than any other type before. Slapped it on and mower running great.

  8. That was a awesome video ! I bought the exact model last year and ran it about 2 hours . Then pulled it out this year and it would start ! Great job with the video sir !!!!

  9. So I cleaned the carb which helped, but now it bogs down on idle. From what I can see, the arm for the carb throat plate is moving back and forth, which is making it idle up and down in about 1 second intervals. Any idea how I can adjust this? From what I can see, there is a pin that is internal in the engine that the arm is bolted to, but nothing really to adjust.

  10. Almost positive this video should fix my problem. Have the exact same mower and I'm assuming the person I got from left the gas in it over the winter. When you pull it, it runs for like 1.5 seconds then dies but mostly doesn't even try to start. Gonna try tomorrow

  11. Thank you so much! I watched and followed the video step by step and found a piece of grass or something inside the carburetor. Cleaned it and put everything back as it should. When I tried it, the result was amazing. Thank you again

  12. This was a great video and immediately after watching it I was able to go out and do this exact thing. Thanks so much. Unfortunately it didn't work for me. I've cleaned and reset the carburetor, replaced the primer bulb, drained and cleaned the fuel tank and inspected for clogs in the filter inside the tank. I have replaced the spark plug, replaced the air filter, added carburetor cleaner where needed, and added gas additive to the fuel. I am at a loss for what could be wrong. When I spray carburetor cleaner into the valve, I get the lawn mower to sputter to life for a moment and then die. I've always struggled to prime the lawn mower. I have to tilt the mower in strange angles to get it to prime. I know that there is fuel in the carburetor though. Any advice would be extremely helpful. Thank you again!

  13. Great video, good clear instructions.
    Iโ€™m now going to try it on my mower.

    Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

  14. I did everything step by step as you did however when I start my mower I have oil coming out of the filter. If anyone could shed some light it would be much appreciated.

  15. Thank you, sir, for the BEST instructions on YouTube. This video is incredibly helpful and is probably going to save me from having to spend money and a new lawn mower. I will continue to watch your videos.

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