32 thoughts on “Fixing an old Briggs and Stratton Engine

  1. Do you have any idea what the model number or name of the engine is? I've got one that looks identical to it but I need to find some info on it or some spare parts. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. @AllenTrucks – No worries dude! The vid is really helpful nonetheless. I wasn't sure how the whole thing worked but your description is spot on. I just need to find an air cleaner for it somewhere.

  3. The only problem is that there should be a safety lever to prevent the tines from climbing up your leg. The newer Honda tillers have a drive lever that you squeeze down for tine/drive action. Really a $2000.00 tiller isn't that expensive ?

  4. @AllenTrucks Better to touch the screwdriver to the head first before you lean it over to touch the spark plug terminal or you could still get zapped.

  5. Could you elaborate more about the spring that attaches to the lever that is riveted to the lower portion of the tank? I have an identical B&S 5hp engine on a tiller. I had to replace the tank due to excessive corrosion, so I took one from another tiller I parted out. There was about a 1-1/4" spring that attached to the governor arm and to some other point. I thought it was supposed to go to the long arm of the lever. I set it up that way, but my top speed is too low now. Thx.

  6. Hi i have one also its a Magna only info i found was last year made was 66 and it has a briggs motor but can not find any parts have the model number but every website i have tried says no parts found what do you suggest thanks

  7. Do you have pictures of the drive assembly? I'm assuming there are two sets of pulleys with two belts in the rear. If yours is the same did it have the linkage, a metal bar that the clutch cable attach to it .

  8. What is the model type number I have the same looking one all I had to do was gap the points and condenser and this thing literally just wants to take off

  9. Similar to the 73 or 74 Roto Spader I just bought. But mine is cleaner..except for the rust in the gas tank, corrosion in the carburetor ( brownie in the air filter ) and excess carbon in the cylinder. 60 ish lbs compression.. I doubt even seafoam would fix.. Maybe I should just repower with a Harbor Freight 212cc for $106.00 ? But the white Briggs is so classic looking.. 🙁 I was a Sophomore in 74.. My best year too.. sorta.

  10. I have a tiller almost exact as yours. My recoil is hanging up. took it apart and it works fine off the tiller. Are there any kind of spacers on the shaft where the recoil pulley slides back on. When mine starts seems that the recoil pulley is jumping back and forth and shrill noise then hangs up.

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