35 thoughts on “Fixing Briggs and Stratton 8 HP 319cc

  1. That's the exact engine that came on my Ariens RM830E riding mower. I had it apart to clean up after it was over heating. The mice built a nest in the blower housing. My cooling shroud looked exactly like yours with some oil and debri. I need to pull it back off because the base gasket is leaking. Should have replaced it when I had the engine apart the first time. No big deal though. These are very easy to work on.

  2. rebuild kit won't include that part. take the part out and get your engine model number (should be on the engine shroud) and take it to a briggs dealer.

  3. Have the same engine for free with a toro rider. good engine. First time i ran it, spun almost 360 like you said.

  4. Yeah the rebuild kit wont have it. Are you talking about the circular clip that attaches to the valve and holds the spring? If its broken then get a new one. If its sitting fine on the valve shaft then spray some oil on the parts where the valve shaft goes through the engine block and push it in and out. That should free it up and the spring will pull the valve closed.

  5. I got a free John Deere tractor with the 8hp motor and it runs great (but I am not a fan of 8hp's by B&S) but I was wondering what the song was that was played with you were screwing in the Headbolts?

  6. @Yelnuts71 poor twisted me by metallica. If you like that song I would highly recomend purchasing the album "load" by them

  7. @randall2051 I like it how "intelligent" people like you can be so ignorant sometimes. By the way you spelled intelligence wrong. How intelligent of you.
    Anyways, Just finishing up my D.E.C as an electronic technologist. Don't question my intelligence. I don't question yours… You know nothing about me.
    thank you

  8. You have the same engine, and air compressor as me! I have an '81 B&S 19cuin/319cc motor, synchro-balanced, etc. Great motors! Love your working style. Idea for the garbage can as a workbench? Excellent! And hey – you could be finding engines that don't have oil caked on them, full of rust holes. I like finding greasy old motors because the film of oil/grease pretty much preserves them. GREAT VIDEO! 😀

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