Fixing my Craftsman push mower 6.75hp Briggs motor.

This was a free mower I received from a neighbor. He said it back fired then died and wouldn’t start. I cleaned it up and it still would only back fire thru the carburetor and not start.



6 thoughts on “Fixing my Craftsman push mower 6.75hp Briggs motor.

  1. you're going to want to ping that seat back into place with a small chisel. by pinging it with little small indents all the way around, that seat won't come out again. with out doing that, the seat will keep coming loose.  

  2. Check the Flywheel key and also the Key on the blade. key on blade is for balance,i guess and key on flywheel is for timing.
    timing seems to be abit off rough idle, plus as it gets worse will cause back fire and kick back OUCH.

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