Flooding Nikki Carburetor Causes and Fix

How to fix a Nikki Carburetor that floods out when sitting. These carburetors are primarily found on Briggs and Stratton Intek Engines. Fuel from a flooding carburetor will drain into the cylinder and seep past the rings into the crankcase and mix with the oil, thinning it and severely compromising the lubricity. If left unchecked it can and often does cause catastrophic engine failure. Nikki Carburetors have a few inexpensive components that can cause flooding issues, replacing them solves the problem the majority of the time.

Cleaning a Nikki carburetor:

Float Bowl gasket (with separate fuel inlet O ring) – B&S 698781 https://amzn.to/2DVGkIm
Float Bowl gasket (with integrated fuel inlet seal) – B&S 695426 https://amzn.to/30pNMF8
Fuel inlet needle – B&S 696136 https://amzn.to/2VQSi01
Airbox to intake O-Ring -B&S 697123 https://amzn.to/2DWT3uz



26 thoughts on “Flooding Nikki Carburetor Causes and Fix

  1. I think there is suppose to be a spring in the middle of the carburetor bowl before you screw it back together…Maybe I'm wrong but all of the ones I've seen have the spring…This one might not need the spring though…Humm I am not a pro at this by no means…Thanks for the video!!!

  2. VERY helpful, but if the camera had of been setting OPPOSITE of you hands we could see much better, if you ever redo you may want to try that

  3. If you suspect the needle is to blame on flooding, and you are short on new parts, you can take a q-tip on a dremel, with a dab of car polish scratch remover,(brand doesnt matter). A few bumps on the needle seat will make it like new, for regular carbs, do the same thing, but use brasso

  4. Having an issue with fuel being present in the airbox. I ordered a new needle and the orings you suggested. Is it possible and should I recalibrate the inlet valve? I’m having trouble finding any intructional videos/PDFs to do it. Thank you

  5. If you take the bowl off you have to replace the inlet o ring and the molded bowl gasket. The main jet o ring is available through Kawasaki Briggs will gladly sell you a main jet cause the o ring isn't available through them. In fact you can also get the fuel inlet o ring from Kawasaki too.

  6. I have this same carb. Mower wouldnt start so rebuilt carb. Now it only runs with choke on. the carb is very clean, no leaks. What to do?

  7. I have a question how does the o ring cause it to flood when it still has to get past the needle and seat ? I ask that question because of a carb I was working on for a friend. He too has an o ring issue where it started flooding. I was thinking his needle and seat was working, but I could visibly see the o ring wasn't in the best of shape and it too started flooding.

  8. The rebuild kit on ebay can go for around $8+-. A brand new carb on ebay goes for around $15+-. Just get a new carb to eliminate future failures or missed problems.
    But I did enjoy the video. He did a great job with explaining things. Thumbs up for you.

  9. I am rebuilding a Craftsman similar to this. I bought cheap it with a blown engine. It has a fuel shut off too. And the carb was flooding. I suspect that might be why the engine blew. Thanks for the video and troubleshooting information.

    The guy didnt take care of this very well.

    I have had to replace the engine crankcase, sump cover, connecting rod, cam gear, intake push rod, governor oil slinger, carburetor, air filter, magneto, ignition switch, spark plug, battery, flywheel key, flywheel fan, a bunch of gaskets, mower blades. And Im not done yet. There may yet be more to replace. I almost feel cheated for buying it.

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