30 thoughts on “Free 72 volt moped, what can we make with it?

  1. Mustie, you are a talented guy and your videos are great. But this project is out of your wheelhouse, and there are some ways to get in trouble with stored electricity–that's why the Chinese engineers failed. Some really smart engineers have started fires, especially with the Li batteries, and some of those fires happen at night in the garage for no obvious reason. So why not offer these bikes to your subscribers and have some sort of video comparison of what they did with them? A couple other thoughts…The lower compartment holds the batteries, I bet. Lower Center of Gravity. Someone said that the hub motors do not do well with side loads and that is correct, so a 4WD electric quad would go like crazy, but not for long. Love your work.

  2. Example of Chinese under engineering……….typical.πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž if you don’t like it , vote with your dollars.πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ strong like bull, smart like tractor. πŸ˜‚ if used for fee parts , good deal…..

  3. The main reason for voltage going up in electric vehicles/ bikes is due to current battery tech, reliability, and simplicity. The reason why that moped runs off 72 volt is to turn that direct drive motor fast enough, meaning no need for a gearbox. 45mph is pretty average for mopeds though this one looks like a bicycle compared to mopeds here. It also means lighter wiring, less heat output, and since lithium battery cells are small with a high output for their size they can pretty much be assembled for any voltage desired.

  4. Your moped speedometer is calibrated in Km (Kilometers per hour.) Part of the metric system a Km is 1000 meters. a meter is 39 inches long…so a Kilometer is 1000 M. Crunching the math means that a mile equals 1.6 Km. The maximum speed for the moped is 28.13 Kmph (Kilometers per hour.) Most of the world uses the metric system to measure. The USA is one of the few countries that has not adopted the Metric System and relies on the the United States "Customary Units". Hope that helps you out…and good luck with whatever you decided to morph the moped into!

  5. Make up a lithium battery using 18650 cells. Lots of videos available on doing that. The key is proper battery management in charging and discharging.

  6. Hi Mustie,
    How about a merry go round?
    Imagine five identical bikes following each other on a platform driven by the rear wheels on a sub plate. Put it on a trailer, take it to the car shows and charge kids to ride it. A: make a fortune … B: become a carney!

  7. Build an electric recumbent trike with dual motor drive in the rear…..plenty of battery options to fit in that frame.

  8. Neat little machines. Surprised no rear suspension, though that may assist the load carrying ability thinking of all those panniers weighed down, some items in those "slippers" up front the rider and maybe one or 2 kids on the footplate ( as seen in the Far East). Do the rear brakes offer any sort of regeneration via the motor hub?. Whatever you do with the bikes I will enjoy "working" with you taking them apart and finding out all about them. A sort of Lamborghini Bull emblem on the rear wheel spat

  9. Mustie = Elon Musk hmmm,,, unique? batteries? NO …running Gear? not so much… shape not really ?? I would say rear wheel hub… you got four of them go with four wheel drive kart… Mars Rover?

  10. Nice score you have there. You should series another 36 volt battery to the 72v. Fun factor x10 for maybe 3 minutes til the smoke arrives. Really like that electric stuff. Bet your glad now that you didn't sign on the dotted line for the tv show series. Their idea's for what folks like to watch is totally different than what is desired by most……

  11. I should add as an adendum…when looking for that extensive knowledge, don't be looking at me. electric I get electronic …not so much.

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