39 thoughts on “Free Electric Moped Tear Down

  1. Lithium Ion or Polymer and lead acid batteries dont mix. Really stupid idea. They are completely different chemistries and require a completely different type of charger. A regular lead acid charger which supplies a steady voltage when hooked up to li Ion batteries woudl result in what is called thermal runaway, IE, fire.

  2. you should build your own 18650 battery pack by filling those plastic boxes that had the lead acid batteries and throw in like 20 cells in series per module and x number of modules in parallel.

  3. Two motors sounds like a great idea and a challenge at the same time.
    Especially when the Chinese couldn’t get one to work.
    Can’t wait for the next instalment 🙂

  4. Build one the way it was meant to be, with a 90v – 40mph – 60 mile range lithium setup and a fool proof charging system. You're great with gas powered stuff, full electric is more of a challenge. Don't use the prefab batteries, but build your own battery system with 18650 cells or 2170s if you can find those. Use good cell balancing hardware to make it durable. Make this bike look awesome and ride awesome. Use the other 4 to build 4×4 go kart from scratch with 9G acceleration (powered buy lithium + super capacitors) once you're comfortable with the limits of the first bike

  5. More like a Big Clive video; plug things in and see it it makes the magic smoke. You could build a helluva 18650 battery pack to fit in that battery box. Plenty of vids on Y'tube about doing that.

  6. I have a google translator for Chinese. It says on the convertor, Yellow Input = 60v to 64v, Red/Black Output = 12v. Looks like 60 to 64 volt input, and a output 12 volt to the motor.

  7. You can also do what's called a "shunt mod" super easy to do there's 2 solid wires inside the controller beside each other use needle nose pliers pinch them together and lay a small bead of soldier between them to connect them and you will get way more torque then over volt the system by 12v you get more speed …. so as I've commented b4 unplug the governor do the shunt mod and add 12v more to the system you'll have great torque and go prob 50-60 kph

  8. Always wondered about hybrid mopeds, and whether it's worth taking a small quiet gennie and a battery kit to smooth out the load to run a DC motor. It makes a bit more sense re:motorised tri/bicycles because it is just enough noise to not be invisible on the road, and quiet enough to be comfortable to ride. Instead of say, a screaming 49CC engine trying to run flat out with a noisy chain drive.

  9. When I look along the lines of the rear fender… if you want to do custom… I'd say make it something like a hardtail cruiser or a bobber. You can put the batteries in a fake tank or in a set of saddlebags.

  10. Take TWO of them and Build a Trike …..Build a Trunk for the Back and split it into Three Sections . One side in the front for the Electronics , The Other Side For the Batteries and the Back Half Left Open for "STUFF" … Still make it able to Pedal … JUST THINK of the POWER you would have . …..LOL….LOL…

  11. havo you noticed white wire+to_ second lot of wires to+ wired as 36 volts not 72 that what blew your first battery not your fault thats how they were wired before you had them should be +to +to_ giving 72 volts hope this helped

  12. Im glad the 18650's didnt vent on you big time. 18500's and 18650's have a bad habit of venting under load. Congrats on 200,000 subs too, hope to see 250,000 soon.

  13. if you have any question about electric scooters let me know.why the batteries are like that its because it was left outside are the power supply for the batteries was too high.yes you will get a box that does 60 volts to 12 volts for light and flashers.check that silver box what the voltage the control box is.

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