Free Generator Governor Repair

This video shows the repair of a 4000 watt generator governor repair and adjustment. This generator was given to me for free after it almost set the neighbors house on fire. I get it running right while explaining how the governor system works on a small engine and how North American electricity works.



5 thoughts on “Free Generator Governor Repair

  1. Would of been nice if you showed adjustments or at least explained what you did to get rid of that surging also what hole you put the governor rod in. THANKS FOR NOTHING!!!!

  2. i just got me a used Coleman Powermate 3500 with a very bad surging condition when in "idle control" mode. Normal (idle control off) mode seemed to work fine, although engine ran a bit fast (putting out 135 volts from outlet).

    Many YouTube vids say surging is due to the carburetor that's dirty inside and not delivering fuel consistently, but it wasn't the problem that caused surging in my case. After cleaning the shit out of the carburetor with Gumout carb cleaner and other means (cleaning jets with wire, etc), it turned out my issue was a small electric solenoid/actuator that needed adjusting via loosening/retightening the adjustment nuts on its' small metal bracket. This actuator is located right on top of the carburetor in my case and its' function is to basically limit the RPM to 2000 via the carburetor when idle control is turned on at the front panel (Eco mode to save gas, polar bears and baby seals up north, no doubt). A simple 30 second fix that cost me almost a day to figure out.

    Coleman instructions were useless in the so-called "manual", by the way. It said to "adjust the solenoid/magnet to correct idle control that won't latch" (whatever that means!), but no picture or description of the actual adjustment mechanism/procedure was provided. I guess only small engine repair techs buy Coleman, huh?

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