Free Motor! Will it start? 1970 3HP Briggs and Stratton

Well, I’ve come across a pair of machines…one is just an engine, the second is a mower…the first and subject of this video is the free standing motor. It’s a 1970 horizontal shaft motor with no spark plug…hmmm…will it start? What’s wrong with it?



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  1. nice! i have a briggs 11 hp vertical shaft flathead, cant get it to run it has 85lbs compression spark and fuel. its pull start. when i pull it snaps the cord back hard! i checked the flywheel key and even removed the flywheel to be sure it was ok and its is. any ideas? i did also check that both valves are opening and closing tho i did not check the clearance with my feeler gages

  2. I have the same motor except a 1973 model got it free from a old guy who needed it gone did the same thing and it start right up I see how Briggs and Stratton got its reputation

  3. That's what I call a motor! My family members were very happy to see that. Most of them have worked for Briggs and Stratton since the 50's. You are very lucky!

  4. Hello all after weeks n weeks searching I found exact same engine as mine question is that spring on the carb I thinks its called a govoner Spring I can see on the video its attached to the throttle but where exactly does it go at the other end ie near the flywheel , anyone direct me to a site or vid that shows this Please Please help much appreciated thanks

  5. You should of oiled the crank ( cam ) where the points arm rubs as if it hasn't been started for years it may have rust and damage the arm so should always try to put abit of oil onit first

  6. Any idea why mine won't start unless I add gasoline straight into the carb? I've rebuilt the carb, replaced all gaskets, adjusted throttle linkage, replaced coil + spark plug. I've tested to ensure I'm getting good spark, just won't start when I pull it unless I add gasoline first.

  7. Jeremy its the carb dirt in the carb valves. take a little wire that will fit in the valves. and push it through pushing out any dirt. that should solve you problem.

  8. cool, I have a 3hp that was on a roller front blade mower from the 1950s; the carb has a diaphragm instead of a bowl and float and it has two idle screws hi and low like a weed eater.

  9. Older is better with American small engines.
    After around 1980, i'll take a Honda or one of the better Chinese Honda clones. They're fantastic.

  10. Is the air intake a sleeve or a round hole? I have a sleeved one and it seems that it isnt getting enough air on full throttle. What can be the problem?

  11. With the throttle where does that wire connect under the shroud mine is disconnected and I dont know where it connects.

  12. This video reminds me of the time as a little boy, I held the end of that plug wire, and pulled the start cord…hahaha…I never did that again! This old motor takes me back…

  13. could you tell me if this engine is relativly easy to pull start compared to other horozontal shaft engines? i just picked one up (same one you have) and it wont start and i think because it is WAY easier to pull than my predator 212, compression might be the reason it wont start.

  14. i found one at the dump and thought its never gonna go and it did i just put gas in it it had no spark so i cleaned the points and broom broom it went and didn't blow any smoke but the paint was a bit crusty so i called it Mr grungy

  15. Can you give me the model, type, and code off that motor? I have one that needs repair, but the rewind housing has been changed and the numbers are wrong.

  16. I got a engine like that too it's good to see the young one finds it intresting Mabey he or she will repair a engine of her own in the future

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