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  1. If the top of the injector has a screen in it, it should be removed before the injector is back-flushed: otherwise, the screen will keep most of the sediment that's inside the injector from being flushed out.  To do this, I threaded a tap into the screen piece, clamped the tap in a vice, and pulled on the injector.  Back-flushed the injector, then tested it: the spray pattern was near perfect, and the vehicle ran much better.

  2. This is a lot work to clean these injector this work, Why don't you just buy a pressurized injector cleaner system, disconnect the fuel pump and hook the pressurized can and clean all the injector on the car at the same time.. you don't need to take them out .. that what I do in the shop .

  3. Hi there. I used this same principle to clean all the fuel injectors on my 2008 Hyundai Tucson. This was a very economical and effective way to perform a DIY. The whole project cost me about US$30. If I had taken this to the mechanic, It would have cost me much much more. Thanks for the vid.

  4. Hehehehehe, good Video. Another EASY way…. My Dad fill a Line Tube about 4" with Fuel Injector Cleaning Fluid and plug that into an Air Compressor. He connect the Positive and Negative like this Video and just BLOW it right through until the 4" Liquid is Empty, that was it… Took him like 10 Minutes most 😀

  5. I've a 1995 XJ with 232k miles.  It has a slight miss at idle and barely gets by emissions, but runs fine once revved up.  All new ignition parts except the coil.  Might it be the injector?  Why is the 703 a popular swap?

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