27 thoughts on “Fuel Pump Replacement Briggs & Stratton 799056

  1. You know redneck I enjoy the how-to videos they're pretty informative and I like how you explain things so us idiots who don't know what we're doing will understand and know what to do so thanks

  2. Hey I have a craftsman tractor with a 18hp twin brigs. Did a wheelie and it stopped running. Only way it runs is of the choke is on and as soon as I throttle up it dies any ideas. Thanks

  3. Outstanding! Well spoken and concise! As good of a tutorial as I've seen! If I may ask you: I've got an Intek 21 horse on a T-B Super Bronco. It suddenly won't idle at low throttle, but seems fine at hi speed and with the deck engaged. Doesn't that seem odd for a fuel pump? recently replaced the air filters and oil change. Never changed spark plugs though. Can you suggest where I should start? Thanks for your expertise and great video! Blessings to you!

  4. Great video on what lines go where and why  I am trying to help a friend with a John Deer tractor with Intek 20 hp twin.  It starts sometimes and runs for a bit then stops. Has great spark at  both plugs so it seems like fuel delivery.  How do you know if it is the fuel pump. Can  I crank the engine with the fuel line going to the carb feeding into a bottle to check flow?

  5. Guess you never heard of the gas soaked rag trick that you hold next to the air cleaner and it will start up immediately and run off of the fumes from the soaked rag. Then when it catches from the fuel pump just take it away. No need to burn up the starter. 🙂

  6. I have a BS 18 HP Opposed twin with a carburetor that has the fuel pump on it. I have had problems with it draining fuel into the crankcase. I rebuilt it twice and still a problem Would replaceing this with a more modern separate fuel pump be possible and avoid this problem? I saw a UTube that some guy did this for performance improvemnt, but I just want to avoid the fuel siphoning. Any ideas on this?

  7. would a bad pump cause long cranking to start. when it sits for a week it cranks for 1-2 mins then starts . if I spray starting fluid and it starts and runs does that sound like bad fuel pump

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