Garden Work & Started Rebuild Of Seized Wood Chipper Engine

We are still working in the garden in hopes of providing all of our food needs for a year. I am trying to rebuild a seized up engine on a wood chipper that I have.

I am hauling loads of mulch and compost every day this week. There is a lot of compost there and it all needs to be moved. We can certainly use it here so I am bringing it home.

I have started work on a seized up old wood shipper/shredder that I brought back from NY. I figure the piston is seized due to being left outside too long.

I brought it over to the garage and removed the shroud first. The pull starter cord was hanging out and jammed up.

After some lube and work I got the pull starter working again smoothly.

Next I removed the cylinder head to find a surprise inside. The cylinder was full of water nearly to the top. There is a huge amount of water and rust particles in the cylinder. The valves are rusty too and the intake valve is seized in place.

I cleaned out the cylinder and sprayed some PB blaster into it. I let it soak for a few minutes. Then I took a block of wood and a hammer and pounded on the piston to free it up.

I got lucky that the piston was not all the way down in the cylinder. There was enough space left for me to get it moving downward.

Then I worked the flywheel gently, freeing up the piston a little bit at a time until I got it to move all the way up the cylinder.

After cleaning out the cylinder and then spraying it with oil again I worked the piston up and down until it moved freely.

Next I worked on the valves in the same manner.

Soon I had the engine moving smoothly.

I am also experimenting with solar power for the chalet. I hope to figure out how to set up a grid tie inverter to power our home entirely.

For now I am experimenting with placement of the solar panels in the sun for maximum daily exposure.

I removed the carburetor and will clean that later.

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35 thoughts on “Garden Work & Started Rebuild Of Seized Wood Chipper Engine

  1. Man I would love to find one of those chippers for free to fix up. Could use one of those lots of times!!! Would have free wood chips all the time.
    YAY I sure hope you can get it going without lots of money!

  2. Hi Troy that sun this year is stronger than ever been i noticed that when I go out in it feels like instant burning it never been like that before I spend a lot of time in the sun you said Melanie noticed it too ..hi Melanie you n Troy have a nice homestead. Where's the butterflies you could use some solar butterflies.

  3. Troy, ants eat aphids.  aphids kill cucumber plants after awhile and they may or may not produce.  Start some new plants if you like cukes a bunch.

  4. Sorry Troy I try to give constructive criticism, but in the end do whatever you want, we all know you are going to anyway. Still like watching most of your crazy videos, but know this I am done commenting on your videos, negative, positive or otherwise. One my advice is never heeded, and only seems to give ammunition to others in a negative way. Two anytime I comment and tell you how to fix something you never post a video in how you solved the problem, as an update. In closing I do wish you the best of luck with life and the family, etc.

  5. I like the way you work with what you have to work with . I have watched long enough and remember you buying machines on Craigslist and selling some to afford to fix others. You remind me if my Dad. He was a WWII Army mechanic and had to fix things instead of buying new. We never had a new car but we always had a good running used car.

  6. Really impressive Troy. Most people would just throw the chipper away. I love getting stuff like that and giving it a shot to breathe life into them again. I hope it is a success. Also, there is a lot of satisfaction that comes from using what you have and the knowledge you possess to get things going at no or minimal cost. Nice work so far.

  7. Bills Discount in Pinconning [about 45 minutes south of you] has good number of the square (with metal framing) water tanks like you had B4 for water reserve. [for info purpose only].

  8. Would it be feasible to mount the framing for the panels onto a lower profile older trailer frame and that would facilitate repositioning the panels to match greatest exposure whenever. Could weight down the frame of trlr to negate 'top heavy' blow over (plus possible guy-wire tie downs). The service wires tofrom panels could be 'attached' upoff ground to achieve mobility of panels year-around.

  9. Here's a thought! Why do you do a total tear down and rebuild first so you don't have to do it twice. Troy I like your videos, to a point but this kind of crap kills me. Such a waste of time to do it twice and probably ruin the motor while you're at it. Do it right (and all the way ) the first time. My grandfather and I used to rebuild many Briggs and tecumseh engines every spring and he would roll over in his grave if I even thought about doing that type of shoddy workmanship.

  10. looks like the garden is backward man. the pathways are all mulched but the veggies are all open soil exposed to the elements. you gotta mulch areound the plants and make a nice moist blanket similar to years of uncut grass. pathways arent as important but i would mulch the whole thing and go heavy around your plants. not telling you what to do just some advice and im sure you already know about the back to eden method.

  11. sure hope your running A/C in the house, 90 degree heat and a pregnant woman is nothing but disaster waiting to happen

  12. I got a professional exterminator and got rid of the ants for good. I think the ants took the poison into their nests. Anyway the exterminator knew it was where food grows. So, I guess you have to trust the professionals sometimes. Ant nests can be HUGE. The only poisoned the ant entries I knew of, not the whole garden. I'm not dead yet. 🙂

  13. Cut all them fu***ing trees down man…don't take no shit off any dam trees , make that shit look just like here in New Mexico…..barren and lifeless..the mighty white mans electricity is way more important than life on this planet.

  14. Hello Troy, I would just sacrifice a spot in the middle of the yard and make it look nice and place all your solar panels right in the center of the biggest opening so they get sun all day long.

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