28 thoughts on “Gasoline Golf Cart ENGINE REBUILD Part 2/3

  1. hey don, i have a 1974 amf harley davidson dirt bike, and it has alot of play between the piston and cylinder, if i stick my finger in the exhaust port i can move the piston from side to side a fair bit, probably a little more than what you had on that 1, just wondering if you usually have to replace the cylinder as well, or if i can get away with just getting a piston kit for it. thanks

  2. coming along great. i had a question on lawn mower carbs. can you put the jet from one tecumseh into a notheof similar size? for instance I have a 6 hp tecumseh mower with a bad carb. and a good carb from a 5 hp. could I just change the main jets ya think?"

  3. @donyboy73 i know and i actually like it. it gives your videos some "depth" haha as opposed to a regular old 6 minutes of instruction

    anyway, awesome video! i have learned several things from every single video i have watched. i found your channel when i first started my goped scooter project im building from a weed trimmer engine. you videos have so far helped me take apart and clean the carb, install all new fuel lines (the kind on ryobi's with the tank on top), and install a new tire THANKS!

  4. @BriggsMower He used Permatex Ultra Black. It's resistant to oil, but not gasoline, which the base of a 2 cycle engine is full of…

  5. At 4:15 you can clearly see that the piston has been replaced backwards. The port in the piston skirt must face the carburetter not the exhaust port. The 2 PG engine will not run like this. FAIL.

  6. donyboy your videos are great. Here's a technique I learned working on 72 Honda CB750. Piston install works great using a spiral hose clamp of an appropriate diameter as a ring compressor. Polish the ID of a spiral hose clamp so there are no burrs, wrap it around the piston, compress the rings, insert the piston then you can undo the spiral hose clamp completely and bring out from around the piston rod. The CB750 goes on as a four cylinder set. It's a must to have removable ring compressors.

  7. Ek het 1 jaar terug my yamaha petrol 4 sylinder golf kar se motor laat oordoen die het baie gerook die ringe, pistons , nuut geboor alles oor laat doen so te se nuwe motor ingesit. Ek het in die jaar op die meeste 500km met die motor gedoen en hy het weer begin rook soos voorheen, ek het die golf kar terug geneem na die werktuigkundige wat die werk gedoen het. Is dit moontlik dat dieselfde probleem weer kan ontstaan na ek R8000 betaal het om die motor oor te doen. Watter ander motor kan ek  met die huidige motor vervang wat sal werk.

  8. Made in India garbage junk parts, Donny did you match the ports in the cylinder to the piston because the dont do it in India, Original Fuji parts are the way to go, but they cost money, that India crap is what Buggies unlimited sells and it is trash,

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