33 thoughts on “Gasoline Golf Cart ENGINE REBUILD Part 3/3

  1. I have the same golf cart with the same engine but i have a different problem, every time when i rev the engine up to driving speed (does not matter how fast) the whole engine vibrates really bad, if i Jack it up an rev the engine then it work fine, there is also a lever that moves back and forth near the driven clutch that is hooked to the carb. I am not sure if this is a governor that uses the driven clutch but it is not hooked up. i might make a video about it to show what i mean.

  2. You don't very often see people rebuilding engines anymore. Was there an option to just replace the motor?
    A great video series, thanks for posting.

  3. would it be possible to swap the engine with a gx200 and use the same starter clutch asemmbly? also would the reverse work?

  4. Great video, as are all of yours. Question, did you ever find the missing parts of the piston rings? If not, any concern re them floating around in the bottom of the engine? Can you access the bottom of the engine?
    Port Hadlock, WA

  5. I took this same engine model apart and the cyclinder was reversed – with the cylinder hole facing the exhaust. Otherwise the cylinder looked tight. Any ideas what this would do to the running of the engine? I was having some performance issues – and hope this was the issue. Videos were excellent

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