Generac 4000XL Generator – Solution to common problem – Won’t stay running

Gernerac 4000XL Generator

A very common problem with the Generac generators is the oil pressure switch going bad. As shown in the video, a bad oil pressure switch will allow the engine to run only a few seconds before it stalls.

A simple fix is to replace the oil pressure sensor. At the time of this video, I bought the replacement sensor for approximately $22 US shipped.



23 thoughts on “Generac 4000XL Generator – Solution to common problem – Won’t stay running

  1. I have the Generac 10.000 EXL and had the same problem I thought the carburetor float until I saw this you tube post I did the same disconnected the oil pressure switch and HOME RUN the generator stayed on. I ordered a new oil pressure switch (Generac part 060108) on E BAY for $ 33 from Schwalm Inc from Chino CA. Installed new switch now generator runs like a champ I thought I post this info and also to say thank you to sblg43 for posting this information.

  2. I got a brand new one, difference brand, that only runs about 13 min then it shuts down. DAM CHINA MADE JUNK! I thought it may have trash or water in the tank, so i drain the fuel, was none! Pull the hose off the fuel switch fuel came out NP. so i think i have the same problem even on a brand new one. It runs to good to be any thing else. When did you fine a replacement at? Cheers thanks for the blog

  3. Thank you my friend, never would have thought to disconnect the oil sending unit. With this big storm coming, my wife thanks you, my dogs thank you and the cats thank you. (And, by the way, our XL4000 has been a good generator for many years. Hope yours has been as good to you.)

  4. My Generac 4000xl the idel switch act like a kill switch. Run great but as soon as i hit the idel, it die's. any body got fix?

  5. Mine surges when its not half choked. Any suggestions to fix that? I just put in some Starbrite carb cleaner to see if that helps. Mine has very low hours of use.

  6. I have the 4000exl model, after 10 years sitting, I put in a new battery, had to replace the fuel on/off valve and I took the carb apart just because it sat so long, after all that it did exactly what you found, I disconnected the wires and it stayed running. I found this video while looking for the oil switch part# good job, thanks.

  7. thanks, I searched for a fix to my Generac not keeping good RPM and not starting. The low oil pressure switch was the culprit. I have had this Generac 8K for 4 yrs and nothing but problems. Batteries dont last, I went through 3 or 4 of them, the last one went I noticed (as I always check)(The charger on it eventually went bad so I put a BatteryTender 600 on it with a huge 1000CCA deep cycle battery (with the onboard charger gone I can now put a bigger battery than a small group 26 bat) The winter battery warming blanket burnt itself out in a year. Another time the started didn't work, fixed that by taking it apart an noticed that only 2 of the 4 brushes were rubbing on the commutator (the spring pullback tabs were still pulling back 2 of them) An easy fix once that was noticed. These starting issues I hope are behind me now. My Generac 8K has 47 hours on it. If I had to do it again I would go with a commercial grade one instead of a consumer grade one.

  8. Thank you for the tip. I had the same problem. Unfortunately it went bad during a power outage and wouldn't stay running. I noticed you also had to keep yours at 1/2 choke as well. Seems to run better there under load.

  9. I switched out the oil pressure sensing switch, and now it stays running, but will only run with the choke half on. Puts out a lot of thick smoke. Suggestions please? PS. I thought that was hilarious when your wife went by and you made that comment. Love your sense of humor.

  10. hi if someone can help me i have a generac 4000watts generator i cleaned the carburator and raplace. the spark plug and it still wont start and gas will come out uf filter asemble

  11. Gracias, este modelo de repuesto… es la misma numeración para todos los países?Soy de España , no me funciona el sensor y no tengo el manual, mi generador es un 4000xl con numeración 09753-0 y serie1573305Urgente me hace falta usarlo, gracias

  12. gracias, el video resulto excelente, me haorraste quisas $200dls, compre la parte en ebay, hice exactamente paso por paso y pues mi generador esta al 100, gracias otra vez

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