39 thoughts on “Generac Generator XG8000 E – Changing & Accessing The Battery – Designed By Ray Charles

  1. I've got a Generac 22Kw whole house generator that runs off a 350 gallon propane tank. It's an essential piece of equipment when living in rural Oregon.

  2. Thanks for the video. I did the same using a trickle charge cable and my trickle charger will maintain and desulfate the new battery and hopefully will make it last longer…so far so good….

  3. Love the Video. There is a much easier way. Remove the 4 allen head bolts from the side panel opposite the panel with all the outlets/controls. Remove the 4 bolts that hold down the fuel tank. Slide the tank out of the way. The battery will be completely accessible. Easy-peasy, 15 minutes start to finish.

  4. Hey, made in China, what do you expect? Those little Chinese people get in side there with wrenches and screw drivers and they r done in no time. P of Sht

  5. The handle is such a piece of shit on mine, the grips slip off when you pull on them and the locking mechanism is cheesy as hell.

  6. Amen, brother. POS design. There is a world of difference between this and the XT model which uses a simple choke lever and has the battery mounted on the bottom frame.

  7. Your video helped tremendously – thanks!  I was able to cut the process down by draining the tank, removing the 4 side bolts then sliding the gas tank (had to disconnect the top hose and push in the fuel switch in the control panel) and removed the 4 bolts on the gas and slide it onto a container to hold.  This gave me access to the battery.  I disconnected it and then only unscrewed the top bracket to slide out the battery – reversed the process taking me about 30 minutes max.

  8. Thanks for the frank assessment and pro tips. Great job! Appreciate you posting. I want to connect a "battery tender" pig tail to my battery like you. Oh by the way, Ray Charles did make great music.

  9. That's not how the manual shows to replace the battery. Remove the Tank (Four bolts) Remove the back panel (Four bolts) loosen the screws on the battery bracket, and slide the battery out.

  10. I couldn't stop laughing because I got suckered like this too. These things are really sexy when they are sitting on the sales floor and price/perf compared to others. Then you get one and have to service the damn thing, and you wonder why you ever made this purchase to begin with. The first 20 hours or so were awesome with this unit. Then things started to happen that required attention. I have had the EXACT same experience with my Generac – and in my case, the damn battery never should have needed replacement when it did anyway! That being said – they are "compact" units, and can easily be transported in the back of an SUV or small trailer. A small footprint and "unibody" type of design is going to come at a price of convenience when servicing the unit.

  11. If anyone is interested, https://www.electricgeneratorsdirect.com/ is a good place to shop for generators and Transfer switches to do it right. They don't charge tax outside the state of IL and offer free shipping with lift gate service. No, I'm not a sales person for them….. I've owned and used other generators, but last summer I bought and installed a 7,500 / 9,375 watt Ariens generator with an 11 hp Honda motor for $850.00. the transfer switch was under $400 if I remember correctly. If you're not familiar with Ariens, they are known to make top of the line snow blowers. I'm in kind of rural NC with only electric power and propane. I wired my well pump and hot water heater, both 240 volt circuits, and six 120 volt circuits for the refrigerator /freezer, microwave, hot plate, TV , space heater, etc. When hurricane Mathew came through about six or seven months ago, that generator ran for two straight days in sideways rain without an issue. I won't say it's quiet, but it is quieter than other generators I've used. It ran over 12 hours on the 8 gallon tank. I keep 28 gallons of fuel with stabilizer on hand. Oh yeah, the battery is in full view if you look at the picture. I hope this info helps someone out.

  12. I have worked extensively as a maintenance tech in various places, refineries, concrete production plants, machine shops.

    It seems that most machinery is designed by people who have NEVER turned a wrench in their entire lives!

  13. Like most products these days, they don't care about what a pain in the ass it is for you to maintain or fix anything.  They only care about ease of production and making it as attractive as they can to as many consumers as possible so they can decrease the costs and increase the prices.  We live in a disposable world where no one expects to be able to fix anything, just get a new one (on credit so the banks can have some too).

  14. Just a thought: When starting the disassembly place a sawhorse or equivalent on each side of the generator. I can't see the clearance but place something to span between the sawhorses at about the height of the bottom of the gas tank/side panels. When you take off the side panel you can lay it down without hanging from the connections. When you release the gas tank it can rest on the supports. It is hoped you won't have to try this anytime soon.

  15. Did you have a video of taking it appart but could not bleep out all the swear words to upload it?  🙂  Bet Smokey heard an ear full!

  16. I would have made an extension for the battery leads and remove the battery all together and have it externally mounted some place

  17. Wind power, relatively complicated and expensive. Nice idea but a major pain in reality. Good news is solar. you can save as much as two thirds on your electric bill. Long lasting, mature technology, low maintenance. Photovoltaic can tie into regular power grid and lower electricity costs. If power outages are a common occurrence you can add a battery array. http://www.texassolaroutfitters.com/how-solar-works/faqs/

  18. You nailed it Rick…the new series Generacs were designed by bone heads who used style and modular construction in place of serviceability and functional.  Our fairly new 3300W Generac starter rope is almost shot because any direction you pull it, it gets abraded by the frame. I would mount an external battery box on your unit. Batteries should be easy access.

  19. The transgender clip! LMAO
    Sounds like you're better off buying a generator from a company who knows how to build one and wheel that one to the end of the road with a FREE sign on it. Or, use it for target practice.

  20. don't know about you Rick, but once I had that thing apart. I would have DIYed that thing so I wouldn't have to go through all that again. "plus", get a small solar panel system for small project's like that in the future. would be glad you did.

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