Generac governor

Generac Governor Control with stepper motor.
I am installing this on my Mercedes Powered 24KW ST generator head setup.
I currently have a mechanical governor on the genset and it just doesnt hold the speed as good as I would like so I am giving this governor a try. The generac set up is farily straight forward it powers up off the engines 12v DC system and gets a Frequency signal from the output of the generator which in turn corrects the engine speed to maintain either 50hz or 60hz depending on what you have it set for. It has some fine tuning on the board that I still need to mess with.

there is a few places

that m and d i was able to get all the lil parts that make it all work, mounting hardware cables etc.



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  1. I've been told I need to replace the stepper motor on my Generac Guardian 14kw generator. I got an estimate for $365.00. The part is around $60.00. So, nearly $300.00 for labor seems like a rip? How long should this take? Thanks.

  2. I believe this is the model. Generac 098647ASRV (98647) Governor Control Kit, Stepper.
    here is a site
    make you u get the stepper motor and wiring harness. they have a link to the instructions, it shows the part numbers on the instructions for the basic kit, I found out what generac it came off of and found a parts diagram from that and it showed me all kinds of little parts they were very helpful at getting the stepper mounted to my engine.

    The unit gets its input from the output from the generator head itself so if the generator Hz is under 60 hz it will call for more throttle on the engine, if its over 60hz it will call for less throttle.

  3. Hello Bill I will get back to with the info, I did have it saved on youtube as I sent some others the info but I can not find it

  4. Iarufe98, did you get it installed.  My mechanical governor is shot (bearings and seals) a new one is $1700….ouch.  could you give more info. on the parts you used and how it would receive the 60hz input to know when to regulate.  Hec, I'd even buy one from you….looks like others would too.     Thank you

  5. No i was just testing the governor out with the signal generator. The Governor hooks to generator output to maintain generator frequency to either 50 or 60Hz. the governor itself runs off the engines 12v system

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