31 thoughts on “Generator Does Not Start?

  1. lil tip it worked for me ….the filter in the tailpipe was completely dirty and that wasnt letting the fumes out … there fore shutting off the engine ……so i clean it and problem solved.

  2. Thanks mate, you got me going again. When I checked my oil level, it was almost empty but after I topped it up, the generator started immediately. You have saved me a lot of hassle. Well done and great video.

  3. At the throttle, I see the thicker wire. What is the tiny wire ? What is it supposed to be connected to ? I had to manually hand-jive my throttle for about a minute before the engine would run on it's own. Thanks !

  4. I like your accent, also this is helpful. I'm trying to fix our undiagnosed Husky 1850W, and while watching this I'm cleaning the chassis because it hasn't been interacted with for 5 years or more.

  5. عندي مولدة استرا تشتغل وتولد كهرباء لاكن تأخذ نصف ساعة وتطفأ تلقائيآ شنو اﻷسباب وما هو العطل

  6. tip to easy start. just put quick start propane gas into the chalk filter. and thats it. also you cn use the lighter propanane gas if you not have the quick start be sure to adjust the level of the lighter to high to give more gas to the filter .

  7. turn gas valve off….when storing…and run until gen stops. This will empty the float bowl…so as not to collect water and prevent corrosion of old gas. Sta-bil should be used if storing for longer than a week.. Gas looses octane quickly.

  8. Not the cause here but as an fyi, use no-ethanol gas. Ethanol kills these small engines. Hard to find sometimes but will save you in the long run.

  9. Thanks so much for the tutorial. I had been trying to get my generator that sat for over 4 years going and had no luck. You showing how to take the carb apart and clean helped tremendously. My generator started on the first pull.

  10. By the way: Most of the time it is old gasoline, that prevents the generator from running. It seems to collect in the carburator.

  11. Best video explanation I've seen so far. I'm going to try to get my generator going now, instead of bringing to a mechanic. Thanks!

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