37 thoughts on “Generator Repair Coleman Powermate Valve and Carburetor

  1. I noticed when you pulled the carb the gasket was on the outside next to the air cleaner housing. And when you put it back together you put it next to the engine. Was this intentional?

  2. I hope you also cleaned the crap out of the gas tank or the carb will get messed up again. The other thing is when you test for power output on a generator you can't just put a meter on it and get an accurate reading, you need to put a good load on the generator like an electric drill. Then take your reading on the other outlet. Never store a generator with fuel in it. Run it dry. The gas should be in the gas can and the generator should be standing by. This way you know it's going to work when you need it the most. You should also change your fuel out every six months, keep it fresh.

  3. My generator is this exact one… I know you had a nikki carb, which one was it ?? I can't figure out which to buy. How do you figure that out? Thanks for your help

  4. Cleaned carb jets on my 6500 starts but is running rough, slow RPMs, and smoking. Any throttle or choke kills it. Any suggestions? Irma is coming!

  5. Ed, can you give me any advice on why I'm not getting any gas from the tank down to the fuel line. Is there a trick to changing or cleaning the fuel filter. I'm in GA and trying to prepare for the Hurricane Irma. I've only used my generator once and it's about 5 years old. Looks almost identical to yours.

  6. My Generator is completely different. Its a 5250 watt 10hp br. n str. I cant get bolts off ,choke lever and carb off. Irma hits me in a few days. It sucked up green sponge cover in air box it ran for ten minutes before i realized something was wrong. I need help quick

  7. I have similar generation just a newer model and its smoking a bit much and shuts off …. i did replace the float valve and gasket on the nikki carburetor. It ran for a good 5 mins than shuts off before shutting off its smoking pretty bad. Any suggestions on what to check for?

  8. You can install a hardened rod into the thread of the engine that the generator bolt was removed from then bang on it with a 16 oz. hammer

  9. We have a powermate generator and there is oil leaking out the air box and oil is in the gas, is this a carb problem?. Powermate PM0675700 7,125 Watt 301cc 10 HP Yamaha MZ 300

  10. Plastic nor brass rust I have clean out many carbs in my life it may look like rust but its acually not its gelled and crusty gas youll notice that if you scrape the crap off the fuel bowl it will be shiny and not pitted where it would be pitted if brass rusted but it doesnt sorry if I was harsh lol. Also does anyone have any info on how to remagnatize a generators magnets thanks

  11. Ed :To remove the stator tap the end 7/16" Fine thread insert a steel 3/8" rod and use a 7/16" Fine thread bolt and the stator will pop of in your hand !!!

  12. No, I haven't split the engine from the stator. It's hard to believe it's a destructive process though, but like I said I haven't done it before.

  13. Hi Ed I have a generac model w/10 hp.engine I need to remove the stator from the tapered shaft of the B+S Engine. I've heard it's a tricky job and I run a 50/50 chance of destroying it.Any experience with that???

  14. Hey Ed – I have a Coleman Powermate and it started leaking oil. I checked the parts list in the manual and did not see any gasket listed. So would it be due to a screw that came out or what? I have a friend that will fix it for me . . .Thanks for your help.

  15. I've got a Coleman 5000 with a Tecumseh engine. The engine drain is so low that it's unusable. I change the oil by pumping it out from above, through the oil filler.

  16. I haven't looked at my generator in a long time (thank god lol) Oil drain should be on the bottom or very close to the bottom of the engine somewhere.

  17. Hey Ed. Thanks for this video. I have pretty much the same Generator that I inherited as you did. I can't for the life of me figure out how to change the oil. Where is the drain plug? Am I crazy? 🙂 Would appreciate any tips. Thanks!

  18. Thank you! Because of your video we were able to figure out what was wrong with our generator just has "Sandy" was hitting. Again, thank you for taking the time to make this video.

  19. If Generator not Used in a while, and Engine Runs but Produces no electricity, it Just needs a Field Flashing ie. send a small amount of electricity back into the generator to magnetize the Magnets. Take a Cheap Electrical motor like a blender and put the plug on your Tongue, Turn on, and manually Turn the Motor Backwards, if you get a shock, then Great plug it into the Generator while engine is Running and do the same. For Carburetor Problems Just convert it to Natural Gas. Video – 3GE_qqRMWN8

  20. do you know where i can buy a carburator? right befor the strom my brother told me to take off the bowl to check for dirt and when i put the bowl back on i screwed it to tight and broke it unfixable.( the bolt inside that hold the screw ) ( it's plastic ) ( really ) went to every part place around 3 citys. coleman don't answer they said they were to busy and hung up the line. so if you can tell me how to get a new carburator i will be very thankful.

  21. This great video and good thing you mention that you can adjust the speed by putting the governor linkage to the other holes to obtain the 120V output…thanks n God bless

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