13 thoughts on “Geo Rebuild Part 1

  1. Would you say this video is comprehensive enough to be a guide for someone who has very little experience in this level auto mechanics?

  2. How is the Evergreen head gasket holding up? I put one on a metro in June and it failed after only 35 miles!!! It had no metal under the rings just pressed sheet metal. The store on Ebay did give me half of my money back because the rest of the kit worked well. I just place an order today from 123 motors on Ebay for a rebuilt g10 engine as I don't have the time to rebuild anymore of these engines.

  3. @texaskidzuk Its funny you say that because mine literally just blew. 6am to be exact…. Jesus Im guessing you bought the kit from the place in california right? Near la? What was the seller name?

  4. @hanksranger Dude that sucks!!! Go get a fel pro head gasket AND new head bolts,then you''ll be good to go.DO NOT reuse the old head bolts because they WILL break off in the head………..trust me I know. The rest of the kit worked fine for me. Look at the blown gasket and see if the rings are crushed.

  5. @hanksranger How much did all the parts cost? What kind of tools do you need? How much would those tools cost? How long did it take? Sorry for the barrage of questions. I am considering doing this myself, but seeing as it is my only car I want to have all my ducks in a row before I even attempt anything like this. Thanks!

  6. liquid wrench works good but sometimes you have to let it set awhile while it works in that with a little heat from a burner usually does the trick for those frozen nuts

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