Getting A Basket Case Briggs Engine Running Again

In “Blademan & Throttle – The Choker’s Spell”, Taryl goes over how to properly get this Briggs & Stratton basket case engine (engine disassembled in a box) running like new again. Then he sticks it back on the Troy Bilt ‘Tuffy’ tiller he received it on and gets THAT working.

Before and after the how-to tutorial, local Podunk superheros “Blademan & Throttle”, find themselves turned against each other when The Choker hypnotizes Throttle into destroying Blademan. See how it all plays out here in another entertaining yet educational how-to video from your friends at Grass Rats Garage! And as always, There’s Your Dinner!!

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23 thoughts on “Getting A Basket Case Briggs Engine Running Again

  1. great video! when i heard you mention mick and pete, your english counterparts, it reminded me of mister butler of retrorestore. i made a comment about one of his fine videos and made the statement that you had mentioned him. now i'm going to have to apologize. i also saw one of your stickers up on his wall of fame. mick also had a guest impersonator do you at his shop. it was so lame it was funny.

  2. 34:03 that's the hardest part… No room for wench, lucky I had a 90 degree screwdriver.
    34:58 If you forget that bottom bolt and run this, the vibration will cause the bolts to carb/tank to come out.
    41:14 Wow… What a Score!! It looks almost new…
    42:37 I went to the pluming shop an had a pipe cut to fit mine. It worked.
    thx for the vid.

  3. His English accent is very poor removal of teeth, or extraction would help some what, "ALL COME BACK NOW HEAR" see my American Accent is much better.

  4. I need a head gasket for my ride mower , what numbers on my machine are the correct ones for finding the head gasket?

  5. It seems like a miracle that you got that all back together. And it does look brand new. Maybe someone put very old two stroke gas in it when it was new.

  6. I thought that I read in Briggs manual that you always install the .015 gasket. If necessary you add the other thinner gaskets if endplay was too low. If .015 was too much end play then you still use it and use a thrust washer inside to reduce endplay. If thrust washer reduces too much then you increase as before by adding gaskets to the .015.

  7. A lot more manageable when the tines turn the opposite way of the drive wheels. I know it sounds counterintuitive, that's because it is. 😉

  8. Hi, i got a 18 hp, Briggs, vertical shaft. The engine has just started revving high out of control regardless where the throttle lever is. I took the cover off and cleaned everything in and around the carb and governor controls. I also lubed with WD 40. Didn't seem to help. I did notice that I can easily push the governor lever/carb lever to lower the rpms. Engine is about 13 years old and has a LOT of hours on it. What do you think problem might be? Thanks

  9. God. 5 min of my life I'll never get back watching. Hey dude, why don't you stick your head out the window and scream. no need for a mic.

  10. Do you know of a carburetor/fuel tank replacement solution for a 5hp B&S horizontal shaft engine that has a part no. 494592 or no. 494600 fuel tank? I have a B&S 5hp Model 130292-1664-01 engine on a Troy Bilt pony tiller. It uses the cam shaft for reverse so I need to keep the engine if I want to have reverse. The tank is rusted out and no sellers seem to have new tanks for sale. I was thinking that a big rectangular tank like the 8hp engines have plus a bowl or slide carb might work. But the carb mounting boss on the 5hp is that odd diagonal mount. Any suggestions?

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