Go Kart Throttle Cable: Linkage and Installation

Go Kart throttle cable linkage article with part links http://kartfab.com/go-kart-plans/go-kart-throttle-cable
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This video shows the go kart throttle cable linkage. It reviews how to install a go kart throttle cable to any predator 212cc, Honda, or clone engine so you can remotely operate the throttle with the gas pedal. It also goes over how to set up a go kart gas pedal and return spring. All go kart throttle linkage parts are listed out in the parts kit link above. This is part of a free video playlist that shows you how to build a go kart with free plans, and detailed walkthroughs on kartfab.com
How to Build a Go Kart Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzJ0LQjPgipfr9mDUN1PEpkcigEcKjuxK
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You can also find individual links to the exact go kart throttle parts, and the go kart parts kit used in this build by reading the supplemental article here: http://kartfab.com/go-kart-plans/go-kart-throttle-cable



36 thoughts on “Go Kart Throttle Cable: Linkage and Installation

  1. Omg of course lol… Sorry I'm new to the gokart world. Thank you so much for this video. I look forward to more helpful tips! 👌🏽

  2. im a big guy and i keep trying to design an off road go kart but everything i keep coming up with just seems to big but then when i try to downsize it i feel like im losing things i want to keep this is harder than it looked

  3. where i can buy all these parts and requirements . truely the video is aaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwsssssoooooommmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. I purchased your plans and built the standard live axle go kart. I replaced the centrifugal clutch with a 30 series torque converter. The wheels seem to spin fine when the kart is raised on jack stands but when I try to ride it, it doesn't seem to be getting enough torque to the wheels to get going. I am using the 60T axle sprocket with the 10T converter sprocket. The tires/wheels(145/80-6) and sprocket are keyed into the axle and I am using locking collars. Any ideas? Thanks

  5. I am planning on making one of my own using 20" steel rods as the frame and 30" as the axle. I was wondering if making a box for gear and slots for multiple speeds and the throttle cable going to the back of the engine, I still don't what I'm gonna do for brakes but I got other things sorted. The downside is that I don't have pedal acceleration just a gear stick 🙂
    Do you like my idea! It's gonna be single seated so it's more aerodynamic and my brother ain't gonna get a joyride with meh lol

  6. Hi I hope you really reply I could use some info im planing to use a 212cc predator do you happens to know how much space id need to weld like a foot by a foot as an right angle or is that too much or too little?

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