4 thoughts on “Going to rebuild a Kohler engine

  1. 50/50 mix of acetone and atf might help bust that sucker loose… I got mine cherry red before it came off. I split the locking ring with a cold chisel.

  2. If you've ever had an engine with a stubborn or rusted exhaust elbow pipe fitting that's threaded-in-the-block, then you probably already know how much of a pain it is to remove. Well, this is how to remove the fitting if enough of it is protruding from the end of exhaust port:

    1. Apply penetrating oil to the pipe fitting threads and end of exhaust port. Gunk Liquid Wrench works great for this!
    2. Firmly clamp the engine block in a hydraulic press or place it under a heavy vehicle. Do this only to secure the block in place so the fitting can be removed.
    3. Use a large adjustable plumber's pipe wrench to remove the fitting. Rotate the fitting counterclockwise to loosen it. If the pipe wrench alone won't loosen it, slide a 3 foot± long steel tubing on the pipe wrench's handle for added leverage. And don't worry, the block shouldn't crack or break when loosening the fitting.
    4. If the fitting breaks off flush with the block when attempting to loosen it, use a reciprocating saw with a metal cutting blade to cut through the threads of the fitting in the exhaust port (make several cuts in the fitting if necessary), and chisel out the remains of the fitting to collapse the threads. IMPORTANT: Chisel only where the metal is thick [around the exhaust port] to avoid breaking off part of the exhaust port!
    5. After the entire fitting or the remains of the fitting is removed, if the threads inside the port are going to be used for another fitting, clean and straighten the threads with an NPT tap of the appropriate size. A replacement fitting can now be installed.

  3. Got a way for you to get that exhaust pipe off.
    Take it outside and get it cherry hot again then spray it down with a garden hose till it good and cold. the shock will turn the rust to powder

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