12 thoughts on “Got back from San Diego + Metro Rebuild Kit Unboxing

  1. @crammage Yea I surveyed it last night looks like the intake and exhaust manifolds are gonna have to come off with the head cant remove them in car because I cant get at the bottom bolts, my main worry is if the head bolts are seized to the block, Jon has a tool to get them out if they break off, but I swear if they do get broke theres gonna be a lot of cussing and a wrench or 2 thrown across the garage.

  2. @crammage Not if I do not have to. I am just planning on honing it and removing all the glaze that is sure to be present. I have not gotten the head off yet so I do not know the condition for certain of everything but if it needs it, I will return the rings for the next size or whatever it needs. I hope I dont have to thats just extra work.

  3. @IamTheNag24 Lol thanks nag, I was wondering if the la bat ive got is slightly past expired, because it has a small vinegary type aftertaste, and ive drank spoiled beer before kinda tastes similar may have to pick up another sixer sooner or later.

  4. Try to get some Lone Star beer there if you can………..it goes great with a geo metro. Trust me. Hope to get my new engine in this week.

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