Governor Adjustment and How They Work Honda Briggs Tecumseh Kohler etc.

how to adjust the governor on a small engine and how the governor system works
-small engine tachometer:

SURGING ENGINE: This is a dirty carb, not the governor.

99% of all snowblowers, tillers, generators, log splitters, pressure washers and other equipment are designed to run safely run @ 3600 rpm max.

Mowers engines are designed and can easily handle a max of 3600rpm…However lawnmower blade speeds are goverment regulated and since the blade is directly connected to the engine they are sometimes limited to speeds closer to 3200rpm. Check your mower mfg for specs. Some mower manufactures lower the rpm only to reduce noise from the engine.



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  1. I had to order a new governor oil slinger. When I got my new item, the plastic gear is stiff and requires a bit of force by hand to turn. in the past all governors I have dealt with would spin freely by hand. Do you think I have a defective governor? I really need to get my mower working as my grass is getting high.

  2. Shit hot mate, four years my ride on has sat in the garage (when it's at temp, it revs and idles, revs and idles) now I know whats wrong. Thanks from the UK

  3. 65 have a GCV160 that runs slow when I start it. It's fixed throttle. Replaced carburetor with new one. Same thing and even checked governor adjustment. I have to move the governor arm to get it to run faster. When I let go it goes back to running slow. Any suggestions?

  4. what does it mean when the governor chef coming out of the block is seized doesn't want to budge back and forth is the question of prying it loose so there's something inside screwed up

  5. The carb is fine. I pulled it and checked it and cleaned it. I checked the intake tube too. Of all the rebuilds and repairs I've done, this One has me stumped.

  6. Maybe I finally found someone to answer me.
    I have an 18 h.p. B&S. I drove it into my garage to change the oil, and my speed control lever was working fine. I started the motor and now I have no control at all. I set the governor in the wide open position. I even went as far as opening the crankcase to make sure the governor/slinger was good. I cleaned and check the carburetor. I still have no control with my lever. I can't slow it down from 4200 rpm to 3600……. What did I miss?

  7. I can't tell in the video, are you rotating the cylindrical shaft with the pliers or moving the arm that goes around the shaft while you hold the shaft stationary with the pliers? In other words which part are you moving?

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