13 thoughts on “Governor adjustment Briggs & Stratton small engine

  1. thank's for posting this you saved me .i bought and mounted a new carburetor and armature and tore half the stuff off the motor. i finally put it all back together and started it, the motor raced really high and so after watching your video i removed the gas tank and discovered the governor arm was not adjusted right and had the wrong governor spring that came with the new carb so i used the old spring and adjusted the arm and it ran good.

  2. Is 3510 rpm ok. It is still faster than I want. I have BS 7.75 175CC engine. It has easy start with thermostat choke. How can I lower rpms down some more since governor is at lowest setting Mark?

  3. Thanks for sharing. My throttle butterfly is in the wide open position regardless of where the lever is. My 1st time to work on this specific type. Take care from Tn.

  4. I installed a new gas tank on my unit like yours. It came with a new mount for the new gas tank. The governor works properly but I have no speed adjustment. It runs full speed all the time. Do I need a new spring?

  5. Excellent explanation of which way to adjust the governor shaft.  This important information was omitted on all the other videos concerning this adjustment.   Good job Mark.

  6. Great video! Mine was doing the same thing. One thing I discovered is the shaft screw only turns about 1/4 turn either way. I thought mine was frozen or rusted. I quickly realized it only turns the 1/4 turn. Thanks for the info.

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