35 thoughts on “Governor Ajustment Briggs V-twin

  1. This video sated hours of frustration simply because I had overlooked a step. I'm impressed with the video and it's easy to understand instruction. Thanks! and keep it up!

  2. Thank You
    With this i was able to fix my genset that had
    shutoff on startup due to high frequency
    protection circuit.
    Cannondale generators tried to rip me off and after
    diagnosing the problem told me it was 1300 dollars
    just to try and fix it with no guarantee when
    they well knew it was 5 minutes work..
    Some people just suck.

  3. How fast will the engine rev on the stock governor? I know its past 3600 rpm because i've gave a (502 cc single cylinder engine) higher revs at max rpm on the throttle lever by using the throttle down right next to the engine block.

  4. I really really need help guys my race motor has a 21hp vtwin brigs, and I did this now it surges and sound horrible, and I have less power, as well as the throttle not responsive can someone give me an answers

  5. Wonderful except for one thing… you need a better explanation of what the 'full throttle' is.  Since you don't have the throttle cable connected, it is very confusing.  However, once I watched this video 4 times, I got it and it worked and fixed my problem. Thanks, but please do listen to my critique…"throttle wide open" needs more explanation with the throttle capable disconnected as you've done.  

  6. Thanks for your explanations and demonstration. Seems to be working fine….but I have the same problem as wewam. I just can't seem to get the carb butterfly to set up against the adjustment screw so I can adjust the idle speed. Can't find any info on how to adjust. I have a 21.5 HP B&S. I would appreciate any ideas you can gave me….Thanks!! 

  7. You do not explain the role of the two springs in the governor.  The Briggs manual does not do a very good job.  You have to adjust the tension on the two springs to set the RPMs that the engine runs at the low and high position.  The springs pull the throttle open but the governor want to close it as the engine spins.  When in the low position there is no tension on the big spring only the idle spring has tension.  There are tabs that can be bent to either add or subtract tension to increase or decrease the RPMs.  You are probably able to listen to the engine and know its speed but I used a photo tach.

  8. I have a 18 hp Briggs & Stratten single cyl.
     That just will not adjust.
    I have replaced the slinger & new springs & set governor arm like you showed
    and it still only wounts to idel with small amount of rpm up at fully open.
    If I set governor just a little more then full bottem it wounts to over rev.
    with no power.
     Over rev stops when mower deck is turned on and mower just runs slow  I can see goveronr working but just no power how do I fix this?

  9. i need a answer to this question asap! i was using my 26hp v twin briggs to cut the grass around my house. it was at half throttle and i decided to turn it up, so i put the machine to 3/4 throttle and that's when the motor revved so high it was going to blow. but no matter what i do with the governor it is stuck in the over rev position. i don't know what to do so any answers will help

  10. Thanks for the video it really helped very much. Now i need some help figure out which spring goes too the governor and which spring goes too the throttle can you help me.

  11. you dont turn the governor arm wide open u keep it at idle then turn the adjustment clockwise. this will keep it from screming wide open.you were half right

  12. I would appreciate it if you would show the engine before and after running. Maybe some of your viewers are quite knowledgeable about small engines, but I am not. I want to see and hear the engine so I can tell if it's the problem I am trying to correct.
    Thanks, Leo Ryan

  13. Hi thank you for your information we were a bit flummoxed as to what we had done wrong as the engine ran full revs when first restarted, we looked on YouTube and found you and took your advice and hey presto it worked and I can get the grass cut, it all started with the sump gasket failing, thanks and make sure you support your President.

  14. spent a bit of head scratchin and searchin for a solution as well as poking around the mower a bit…i found that when the motor was running and i would lift upward on the lever you hold down then the rev would come down to sound normal rpms…now that i see this is the govenor and how to adjust it i will have to try this next….i am fairly certain this should do the trick…the mower was running normally, the after a quick restart…vrooooooooommmmm…..ahhhh…..panic….wth! by the way….found another vid where the choke adjustment allows for rev regulation and works to get the mower back to the garage…

  15. This video helped me set my governor on my Briggs and Stratton 22 Hp. Thank you for taking the time to make it.

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