3 thoughts on “Governor Problems with Briggs 10hp 220707

  1. But what gets me is that the governor was hooked up to the throttle on the carb and a spring from the governor lever to the part that was supposed to choke/throttle it. And when i started the engine the governor should have slowed the engine rpm but it didn't. Which is why I took it apart. Anyways like I said I'm gonna make another vid tonight cause its hard to explain.

  2. ok thanks for the info. I'm gonna hook it back up like it was a make another video to see if it's right. Before I took it apart to see the lever on the governor, the throttle on the dash wouldn't throttle it down. It would only choke it when put in choke position. But when moving it from Fast to slow on the throttle. So I could tell something wasnt hoked right because there was no way the dash lever could throttle it up or down because it was only hooked to the choke.

  3. it sound like the governor is not even hooked up. You should have the throttle cable hooked to the gov plate and there is a spring behind the plate that attaches to a lever and from the lever a cable or rod to the throttle. because right now when you start it up the vacuum of the engine pulls the throttle to WOT (wide open throttle).

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