11 thoughts on “Governor Spring Location on a Briggs V Twin Briggs and Stratton .

  1. Clear video, thank you… I just installed A new governor on a v twin and adjusted the governor just like you did. However, when I fired it up I blew the new governor apart. I thought I had it installed correctly however I have never seen the actual governor being installed… you know what part goes on the shaft first, second and what point do you install the snap ring and thimble.
    I just reordered another governor. It's getting me frustrated. Any suggestions?

  2. I think after a dozen videos. I got it. Your video simplified it for me. Because after cleaning my carb and changing the fuel filter. My mother would rev up like a NASCAR. I will do this tomo. Thank you!!!

  3. Hi Kevin, thanks for these very useful videos (also the Nikki V twin carb) – I sent you a detailed msg with my issue on a Intek V Twin 445577 1125 B1 . First engine would not start – I checked spark plugs, fuel canal, air filter and finally took out the carb assembly and simply mouth blew into it – rinse with fuel and put it back. However the 2 o rings on admission pipes came off and in a larger diameter – I put them back with a slit (no spares) . I also adjusted the governor as explained: throttle open and adjustment screw all the way clockwise. Now engine starts but engine runs in full RPMs – and throttle doesn't seem to close – only contact stops it – any hints will be greatly appreciated – many thanks Serge

  4. Ya make great and helpful videos fer us laymen, I was having trouble figuring out this governor linkage, mine kept binding after installing a different carb, i finally realized it was hanging on the large spring, I was also confused by the throttle not being in the idle position with the motor off, after some head scratchin' it dawned on me that the governor would hold it open till the motor was running and the governor shaft took over the throttle butterflies, of course i'm dumber that most, so there Ya go. Thanks again for the great videos !

  5. Kevin, is there a good manual that shows what the difference in springs are for different governor setups?? Also, I watched your carburetor video of the Nikki. How can you tell what the carb bore sizes are without having to measuring them? Great videos!! You just got a new subscriber ?

  6. I have the same setup, and everything is the same as that, but my motor changings rpms dramatically. If i touch the throttle even a quarter inch, it will rev up real high and have very high rpms. i have noticed that if i move the connection to the carb from the govorner a tiny bit it will do that. Any tips????

  7. Thanks for the video – have the same setup but.  But I am sad to say that prior to watching this video I over tightened my governor nut and it snapped off.  I was just trying to take it up a notch but over did it.  So now it is stuck at a unsafe high rpm and I cannot adjust the governor speed.  Will I have to take the engine apart to replace that piece?  Thanks for any help on this.

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