Grand opening, New England Motorcycle Museum Party

Kaplan Cycles, New England Motorcycle Museum | Rockville conn, had an opening day party and l was able to catch some of it , had a blast and it looks like everyone else did too,
Kaplan cycles channel here,
adress is 200 W Main St, Vernon, CT 06066



34 thoughts on “Grand opening, New England Motorcycle Museum Party

  1. Hey mustie1 lol…wife wanted to know how you got your name Mustie….she asked me if you smelled from all the old gas and dirt from the lot of junk you actually fix n sell. lol. I told her you just got extra sweaty on hot days and your wife complained about you being " mustie" lol.
    Either way brother, the marines had one of those yellow motorcycles…the one that has the fat tires on it and front and rear wheeled drive… it turned out to be a flop, because in the sand the front tire would pull out from under you when in a turn on the sand.. it was a good climber, but just too dam big to manuver where you really wanted to go.
    just a note… and i remember as a kid all those three wheeled trikes all over the place.. they were legally banned because a senator from nebraska his son died on one, and yep… he got a law to ban them. .The trikes would flip over on a hard turn to the left or right, and would just flip over onto you and man i witnessed how dangerous they really were….thanks for the vids.. i love and enjoy each and every vid you put out. this one was most rewarding to watch, because most of the trikes and bikes etc either i owned or my kid rode.. thanks so much mustie… Can't wait for the next vid on the sea doo vid..was and is very cool to see you figure it out, and i love how if its a easy fix.. great for you …another fun ride in your lake eh lol.

    .al n kat omaha, ne.

  2. Cool bikes, I just got back from Alabama and visited Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum. Very neat place with tons of bikes. I'll be posting a video soon of it. If you are ever close to it, it's definitely worth a visit.

  3. No BSA? sigh Everyone seems to hate them, but I love 'em. Thanks for the tour. Very cool place.


    PS – I relocated a couple months ago and there is a HUGE old school junkyard about ten minutes from me. We are up in the mountains so it hasn't been picked over really hard. Let me know if y'all feel like making the trip here.

  4. Awesomest vid mustie, from blues Brothers car, to vintage trail n mini bikes, three wheelers, art, and the ladies, couldn't be a better video bro!!! Big thumbs up!!!

  5. Sweet vid loved all the bikes ! Those trikes are what that axle came out of i gave you the #14 one but had a full body covering the rear tires , Guess the axle didn't like the 440 sled motor i put on it …. lol

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