39 thoughts on “Greyhound 6.5hp Engine Troubleshooting

  1. Doesn't it make you wonder how that came off? Those are actually pretty good engines. I have 2 of those. One I used to repower an old leaf blower, and one on an old snowblower. I drain the fuel in between seasons. They are 1 or 2 pull start engines. All silver metal on these engines should be lubed to prevent corrosion.

  2. Thanks for the great video, time, and the sharing it.  I bought a Go Kart with the exact same engine and this weekend I should finish the project.  It was not running when I bought it, looks new, already found some worn hoses that I am replacing.  I am cleaning the carburetor.  Need to put it all back on and hopefully I will be doing what you did on the last few second of the video.  Again, thank you much.

  3. Greenhorn here for engines.  I have the exact same engine in a go kart.  I have 2 springs one is the long silver one for the govenor which was off and I fixed.  But where does the 2nd shorter spring attach to?   thanks for the video…

  4. Alex, you seem to know what you're doing here. Well done, could you perhaps share with us how to disable the low oil sensor / tip sensor? I had one of these installed on a mini bike and every time it was tipped too far it would stall. This was frustrating. If you can, thanks in advance!

  5. Great video! I'm trying to figure out the same engine. It might be a petcock problem I'm not getting any fuel in the bowl at all.

  6. you can disable the low oil shutoff very easily- just cut the wire going to the oil sensor which is threaded into the front of the block. However they rarely fail, so you might have a different problem. Are you checking the oil with the engine on a level surface? And the dipstick should not be screwed in when checking the oil, or else it will read much higher than the actual oil level.

  7. Got it running but it cuts out suddenly like the low oil shutoff is activating. Have you ever had problem with that and can I disable it?. If I tilt it it will stop also. I have checked the oil and sometimes it is low and then add a little and seems to high. Any help would be great. .

  8. Mine has same problem but spring looks ok. If I prime it will run until prime runs out have gas coming through system. Situation just like yours ran great 3 months ago. Tried carb clean every where. Any ideas?

  9. the throttle leaver is stiff because that's how these engines come from the factory (for setting a constant running speed). If you want the throttle to have spring action, you must loosen the 10mm locknut on the pivot for the throttle arm.

  10. Good stuff man, a pity that your bud there couldn't give you a hand with the camera so you had your two hands to unbolt 😉 I have the same engine, new got it for cheap as well, and won't start (I think it was a store return), My throttle arm is super hard and stays put where I leave it. So I guess I have to figure that out. Through your video I noticed about the governor spring, i gotta check if I have that. For sure i don't have one on the throttle arm either. The thing won't start

  11. I guess you must think you're some sort of expert, but ever since i reattached that throttle linkage the engine has run 100% perfect. It doesn't need any choke, or fuel stabilizer, and it runs just fine at full throttle. Thanks for the comments though.

  12. FYI.. The line going to the carb from the valve cover is the positive crankcase ventilation (pcv). It has a valve to only flow out of the valve cover. It puts "blow by" back in the intake to be burned. It's an emissions thing… If you didn't have ventilation, it would push oil out the crankshaft lip seals.

  13. I had my Greyhound 11 hp for 2 days and had to fix the gas shut off it wasn't letting gas through theres 4 holes in the rubber piece I just turned it to the other holes runs great had it for a year now it did suck to have to fix a new motor

  14. When I bought one of these engines I had problems with the petcock not flowing. I also noticed the idle assembly is connected to the limiter, so I had to disconnect that and it wasn't long before I broke a rod because that bitch was knocking hard! Thank god for warranties.

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