18 thoughts on “GX200 Simple Governor Removal & Install

  1. If the engine is for a generator without a governor the engine will struggle under load. When not under load it will rev too high and burn out any electrical equipment connected. Don't ask me how I know ?

  2. I have a Honda GX200 that I want to rebuild and make it performance for a Schwinn chopper bike do you have any tips for companies that will give me a cam Springs stuff like that to give it the most power I can get reliable power not break down and rebuild

  3. Do I turn the governor ccw to adjust it. My motor is running way too high. Evenin idle its running tto fast.

  4. Hmmm, Well. Uhh. Do you have any drills and taps? For the low oil sensor on one of mine. I ended drilling the hole slightly bigger, threaded it and then stuck in a a bolt just long enough to see all of the threads. I also used loctite. If you dont I think thread taps are pretty cheap. Look around in the hardware store. Theres lots of stupid stuff that would fit in there.

  5. Yes, both of them. Of course, if there is catastrophic failure due to heavy modification I would not invoke my replacement warranty. I only plan on bolt-ons really.

    Talking with a friend he suggested finding someone with a broken governor that I can just use the rod from and push that in. which sounds like a good idea. Or have rods made based off the originals.

    A smaller bolt and locking-nut with some rubber washers seems like it would work well and be cheaper.

  6. Do you have any suggestions for plugging the holes without jamming a screw into it that is removable? No devcon or jbweld. I have a 2 year replacement on my motor and would like to be able to reset it to stock if anything were to happen to it before exchanging.

  7. Well, if you move the throttle arm, on the arm part the right way, you can have it where even full throttle leaves a nice amount of space between the crank. If you do not do that however, then there may be quite some problems.

  8. Driving the pin out is the way I do it.
    Then I use a 1/4 20 Robertson screw to fill the hole.
    Any 1/4 20 will work but the Robertson is easier to drive in the hole.
    If you live in the USA and this screw and screw driver is hard to find don't use a philips of straight blade. Use a socket head screw and allen key so you can aply the needed torque to force it into and self tap the hole. You can tap the hole but you have metal shaving to deal with.
    Remove the arm it could hit the crank

  9. Yes, we were swapping our upgraded internals from a clone engine into a genuine GX200. It took about two days, would have been quicker if I didn't have a head cold at the time, causing me to go to bed early on that weekend. The reason of this is, my minibike engine I destroyed the governor on, and the power washer needs a governor. So, I took the governor from the GX200 and put it on the new power washer clone engine, so both engines are happy. Screw governors… I vote RON PAUL 😀

  10. 0:00 to 0:15 , that's a lot of parts! ~ Aside from demonstration purposes, why remove & reinstall the governor in the first place? ~ Governor? Who elected him or her? :p ~ Re: the humorous text onscreen at 0:45 , yep, thank you Captain Obvious. :p 🙂

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