He swapped his ENGINE into the TRUNK!

The unique builds always intrigue us more than the fast builds! In this case – a REAR MOTOR B18 Honda with RWD! Built from scratch in a home garage, this turbo b18 is making over 500 horsepower at 25psi! We’re sure this won’t be the last time we see this car, hopefully next time will be on the race track!
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46 thoughts on “He swapped his ENGINE into the TRUNK!

  1. what a horrible interview. Guy asks what kind of questions do people ask you!?!? WTF!? what kinda interviewer asks something so fkn stupid? Your supposed to ask REAL questions not what kinda questions do people ask… fkn dunce hat winner of the year.

  2. that stupid bruh. dont get me wrong i wanted to do that but this mF did it already. the stupid part is the fact that he he did rear wheel drive "there is nothing in the front so your car is going to have unnesesary skid on corner or just it wont handle well". i wanted to do this project but instead of rear wheel drive i would of done all wheel drive because of the weight ratio. nice thinking on mid engine tho.

  3. when I saw this I was really hoping to see a twin engine honda. I have only see 1 twin engine honda prelude. I mean can you imagine 2 built k series pushing 700hp-900hp each. if only I had the money and bisi mind ?

  4. I'm Mexican and I could tell he was having a little bit of trouble with his English. But at the end of the day this is a rad car and something different props to him. Just because you can't speak English good doesn't mean you can't build kick ass cars. Props.

  5. Man I bet it gets hot as FUUUUUU in that car! And LOUD too probably! I wonder if he did the front hubs properly with a large bolt and a CV axle nut, to keep preload on the wheel bearings since there are no axles in there.

    Also that would be a mid-mounted engine, not rear mounted. It's ahead of the rear wheels.

  6. Engine in the trunk, that's that foreign. That would be sick if Honda was inspired by dude and made the new luxurious sports Honda Civic with the engine in the back but a smaller v6 turbo.

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