Is it a BLOWN HEAD GASKET problem? HOW to diagnose if the HEAD GASKET is bad. John DEERE D100 Riding Lawnmower. Briggs and Stratton single cylinder OHV INTEK Engine 17.5 HP (ALL horsepower and model the SAME). LEAKING OIL from the FUEL PUMP. Smokes and engine surges. Fix and REPAIR problems. Remove HEAD and REPLACING the gasket. Valve adjustment specifications Check Test . Same procedure on CRAFTSMAN , Husqvarna , Yard Machines, Poulan Pro , Murray , Cub Cadet , Hayter etc….
Tutorial by Jeff’s Little Engine Service
Music by the band BonzaiRod.
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40 thoughts on “HEAD GASKET BLOWN? OIL LEAKING from FUEL PUMP Briggs and Stratton OHV INTEK engine JOHN DEERE D100.

  1. I've noticed my 17hp briggs on my john deere has a small thimble shapped part that came with new head gasket kit. Not sure but it looks like it goes in the hole that is between the two push rods. I'm trying to figure out if I need it, or if it will work without it. As even with it sitting there their is still a hole for oil I think, to come out of it.

  2. Quick question . I have gas leaking into my oil . I bought new carburetor off eBay installed it and a shut off valve . Still mixing gas and oil . Could the carburator be a bad one or any other way it’s mixing

  3. you are a nummy i have never seen such a performance in all my life, there are too many dumb moves to even list. Also the hood must look great after landing on crushed rock. I'm not even a mechanic.

  4. Hey dumbass…no need to remove the bolts to take off the hood…it JUST SLIPS OFF……no tools needed to take off the hood….

  5. Have a John Deere LA125, that apparently has the same motor, followed you video to a T, zero issues, fired right up, no smoke, no oil leak through the fuel pump. Thank you for this, probably saved me at least a couple hundred bucks.

  6. Even though those engines are noted for blowing the head gasket at the push rod gallery,here's a couple tips from my 48 years of small engine repair:
    #1:remove hood.
    #2,check compression,AND vacuum.
    (That pump operates on vacuum pulses,from the crank case.If the crankcase vacuum is too high,it usually means the breather is plugged.,and too low, the breather is stuck open).High vacuum draws oil,from the crank case.)
    #3 NEVER remove ,or install bolts,or spark plugs ,on a HOT aluminum engine,as it mat strip the threads !
    #4 Never pull on the spark plug wire,always the boot.

  7. I gotta do our 2009 LA-115 after 249 hours just started to smoke & burn some oil lately. Thank you.

  8. The L100 motor is a head gasket waiting to happen. Never buy the aftermarket gaskets, they are too thin, the OEMs are better (beefier)
    than original. Carb work needed for sure but good process, need to tighten up the video though, don't need to see every ratchet turn etc

  9. when working outside in the stones or grass I usually put a blanket under the machine so if anything falls I can find it easier.

  10. oil comming out the valve cover because the fuel pump runs off vacumn from valve cover where the vent hose is going in.so there for you have a blown headgasket because oil is leaking through piston rings and then out the exhaust where the vacumn host to the fuel pump is where oil is commn from.

  11. I totally abused my Deere L100 for 15 years without any maintenance. Bought a D110 and after 60 hours it's trashed. Blown gasket, fuel pump blown, solenoid ruined, a couple drops of oil left. Looks filthy under the hood all over the engine. I'll never buy a riding lawnmower with a Briggs and Stratton motor again. JDeere used to run good. Now it's just a myth. There ought to be a total recall as all I ever hear is head gasket failure.

  12. Hey Jeff. Great video. I just crossed the 50 hour mark and today noticed a puff of white smoke when I throttle down. I have about 10 hours of fall work to do and then can lay the machine up. My question is, when I notice the puff of smoke will I be doing excessive damage if I wait for the repair? I would prefer to take my time as an amateur and do the work this winter

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