HELP! Kawasaki Governor Idle Hunting (EDIT: SOLVED!)

If anyone has an idea why this engine hunts for an even idle please let me know.
EDIT: Fixed it by removing and cleaning the carburetor removing all of the removable orifices and idle screw and spraying with carb cleaner and blowing it out with compressed air. It did hunt when I restarted it but it quit hunting when I adjusted the idle mixture screw out to a point where it ran smooth. What I found interesting on this unit the throttle valve does not open to the wide open position.



10 thoughts on “HELP! Kawasaki Governor Idle Hunting (EDIT: SOLVED!)

  1. don't know if you got a fix for this yet or not.   Put it under a load and if it does not loap while under a load you well need a new carb but if it still does it your govner setting are off or you are getting air from around your gaskets

  2. Usually if cleaning the carb doesn't fix it, it means you missed one of the jet holes or you need to rebuild the carb!!☺

  3. The intake leak would be my guess as well. I'd spray ether or carb cleaner, that will give you a better result than WD40, I've found a few leaks like that. Go to 805Roadkings page, and ask him, or his Buddy Mike (I forget Mikes page)  But those guys know small engines better than the people that invented them in the first place.

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