Homelite Pressure Washer HONDA side shaft 179cc Engine ~ CARURETOR Removal and Rebuild tune up

HOMELITE pressure washer water sprayer with HONDA 179 cc engine won’t stay running , won’t start , will not run. Jeff’s Little Engine Service gives a tune-up and CARBURETOR rebuild on a 179cc Honda Horizontal Side Shaft Engine. HOW TO Oil change, spark plug replaced and fuel system cleaned. Tips and procedures.
Music by my band BonzaiRod song~ “Staging lane”
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PLEASE KEEP IN MIND when you are watching my videos: I am demonstrating the least expensive, quickest “backyard”, “backwoods”methods for repairing or servicing your lawnmower. Replacing all components such as gaskets and fuel lines is always recommended when rebuilding or repairing equipment. With these videos I hope you are able to fix and repair your lawnmower yourself with minimal parts, knowledge and tools. Remember to always work safely and follow proper mechanic procedures. Thank you for watching!



11 thoughts on “Homelite Pressure Washer HONDA side shaft 179cc Engine ~ CARURETOR Removal and Rebuild tune up

  1. You lucked out with the bowl gasket. Mine leaked and now having a fun time trying to find one without having to buy a kit. And they say there is no part number for the gasket so buy a new carb. or buy the over price kit witch i found out the bowl gasket does not come with the kit. Another fine company making junk.

  2. Hey man. I am trying to drain the old gas out of mine. Could I remove the float bowl and turn on the gas valve to drain it? The fuel line is being a pain and I don't have the angled needle nose like you. Great video!

  3. I watched your video, and if you have an issue with what you found after taking apart, you can probably eliminate a lot of steps if not changing anything out and just cleaning. if you can put the machine on its side with gas and oil out of engine, you can clean the carb as you did right from the bottom. I disagree with the blowing of the air into the tank, in that would you not just blow any loose crud right into the gas line itself? Your video did help a great deal with how to clean it. Thanks

  4. Seems to be a pretty good product. Had no start problem and had to remove the carb.I removed the two back bolts and loosen the front bolts to get carb out. I like your other videoson carb maintenance. Thanks for the great videos.

  5. Yeah, I knew it was the carburetor before you even got to it. Most people only have to use a pressure washer maybe once every 3 years, so the gas sits in the carb that long, gas goes stale, and of course the ethanol has its way. Yeah that sparkplug was awful looking, easy to replace. However, the Homelight engine design leaves much to be desired with the poor placement of everything, figures they would make things as difficult as hell. On the good note, the unloader valve in the pump is working beautifully, so thats a plus. Good job on the fix buddy, love your vids. 🙂

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