Honda 6.5 HP Clone How to Install Camshaft/Timing

How to install the camshaft and set the timing for a Harbor Freight Predator 212CC 6.5 HP Honda clone engine.

Removing the governor on these engines require removal of some internals such as the camshaft. So this video shows how to install the camshaft and push rods, and shows how to set the valve timing correctly on this engine.



24 thoughts on “Honda 6.5 HP Clone How to Install Camshaft/Timing

  1. I changed the head gasket on a Gv100 lawnmower, when i split it the cam shaft came out, the problem i have is the crank doesn't have a timing mark on it too align with the camshaft timing mark, any idea,s?

  2. First thing this morning: Absolute fear and panic when I realised I had to re-install the camshaft and didn't have a clue how.I watched your video and five minutes later I'm feeling so good I had a cup of tea.All joking apart: Thank-you so very very much.Trevor (Ireland)

  3. I just want to say thank you so much. My push rods were sticking out from the crankcase after changing my valve springs and im like dude wtf did they grow!? All the while my timing was off. Man thank a million.

  4. I took the governor out of my go kart. The camshaft came out and i just lined the two dots up. The pull cord is really hard to pull. What do I do?

  5. How the fuck are you going to make a instructional video and don't know what the name of the components are you can't just call them little things fuktard 😧

  6. i took one of my predator engines apart and to find out the bolts that hold the piston to the shaft fell out and now i know how to fix them thanks!

  7. I have a cmxx ohv 136cc engine (very similar to a 212) I have removed multiple different govenors on multiple different engines and sizes but on this during the removal the camshaft fell out and does not have the dots to line the cam up with the crank. What should I do? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH ! I accendently took it off and it was a BITCH to try to figure out how to put back in . Until i found this video , made SO MUCH EASIER !!!!

  9. Hi I removed the lifter arms and head of one of these motors so I could clean the head and valves. I didnt take the bottom end out so don't know what's it like down there, I made sure the motor was TDC and installed the pushrods and rocker arms back together at 0.15mm on intake valve and 0.20mm in exhaust valve. after all the I tried to pull start the motor but can't easily as the motor has HEAPS of compression now? the still starts it's just very hard to start because of the compression. What have I done wrong it worked before I removed the head, is my timing out?

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