Honda G100 petrol engine rebuild with Villiers carburettor.

I got this Honda G100 engine as a scrap for spares engine a few years ago from a plant hire shop. It had no carburettor. I removed many of the internals and converted it into a compressor. In this video I convert it back into a running engine. It is actually in very good mechanical condition.
As I had no Honda carb for the engine, I adapted a Villers B10/2 carb that I had and put it on the engine. I runs really well with it.



2 thoughts on “Honda G100 petrol engine rebuild with Villiers carburettor.

  1. I just got one of these a few weeks ago. Paid $25.00 CDN for it. Seller said it did work but wasn't working at the time he was selling it. No problem. I found the carb to be leaking but I did get it to run. So all I did was purchase a cheap Chinese knock off carb for about $12.00 CDN and now it starts on the first pull.  Not sure what I'm gonna use it for but I'll think of something. Cheers from Canada.

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