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  1. Nice detailed video, very helpful. I have the same engine & now when I turn it on it revs up like crazy. What causes it to rev so much? I’ve checked the throttle cable and it seems like it’s on there right.

  2. Well, I was within minutes of tossing the entire motor and pw in the garbage dumpster after taking the carb apart 4-5 times trying to figure out what was wrong when I decided to replace the spark plug. When my skills were less, I always changed the plug hoping that would fix a motor problem but it was generally never plug related. This time it was, when the plug began to get hot, I would get that surge. Replaced the plug and it runs perfect. Incredibly frustrating but at least it is fix. Appreciate the help u provided.

  3. Yes it went fine before I bought it brand new from Home Depot about 13 years ago use it very sparingly but 10 to fog the motor when it's going to be stored for a period of time and also run when she'll wiper fluid through the pub before storing it in it's always worked fine despite its age and the fact that it's an yeah expensive pump. The motor weekend showing these symptoms during the last two uses but the last time was by far the worst it was hard to keep it running. With the new gaskets arrive how install them have a new spark plug and see what happens. Hopefully it'll be fine but I'm not totally convinced. Well let me know how turns out that again for help it's been appreciated

  4. Oddly, that didn't fix it either. I have torn the carb down three times, it wasn't very dirty but cleaned everything well, still has a surge unless a little choke is on. I pulled the plug and it is black, meaning it is running very rich I suppose so should buy a new plug, it is very old. Engine will run and at times, completely lose power but as it is stalling, it will sputter and sometimes come back to life other times die and I need to restart. Puzzled by this one.

  5. Unreal, I missed that part when watching. Heard idle screw and thought to myself, no need to mess with that. Didn't realize it was access point to idle jet. Will tackle soon, thanks so much. By the way, another excellent video.

  6. Thank you for such a quick reply. Where is the idle jet? I cleaned the main jet and the slender tube it holds in there, maybe called Venturi tube? But didn't see idle jet. Thx again.

  7. You helped me with a surge problem on my honda eu2000 now this Honda 160 5hp motor attached to excel xr2500 pressure washer is surging and can surge so bad it stalls. Gen surged on eco mode but this motor only runs one speed, wide open so not a low speed jet. I can see the governor and throttle swing back and forth as motor surges. Tried cleaning carb, maybe I wasn't thorough enough. Any idea what area of the carb is causing problem so I can focus more specifically on it? Thank you.

  8. I bought a new pressure washer with a Honda GC 160 Engine. I started ok the first two times I used it, but then it would not start. I had a run hour meter on the engine. The engine had only run about one hour. When I installed the engine, I installed a gas filter. So, the engine hod only run one hour and had a gas filter. I have a tool to check the spark on a small engine. The engine was getting a spark. After choking the engine and pulling the cord 8 times I removed the spark plug and could not smell gasoline in the cylinder. I watched part 1 and part 2 of this video. Also noticed the trick about bending the tube on the carburetor cleaner to clean out a specific port. I took the new carburetor apart. The carburetor was very clean with no residue. I put a can under the carburetor when I sprayed it. The cleaner went in the can and I let parts soak in it. I put it back together. Now my engine starts 1/2 way through the first pull. Thanks so much for this wonderful detailed video. I used it to fix my engine. Very much appreciated. Thumbs Up.

  9. Hey just wanted to give you a shout as I have just found this engine and was about to take it apart blind and now I can follow your step by step video on how to clean it.

    I now can go ahead with no doubt in my mind.

    thank you 😉

  10. hello I have talked to you before and thank you for your help. I have a new problem now. I replaced the cam in my pressure washer. it is a troy bilt 2600 psi with a Honda 5 hp the gc160. now when I start it, the engine works great and the pump builds pressure. But when I squeeze the handle the engine stays at idle. what am I missing, it doesn't rev up in rpm like it should.

  11. Great video sixtyfiveford.  But I there's one connection that's not shown on either part 1 or 2 of this video.  Where does the clear vinyl tube connected to the float chamber at the bottom of the carb connect to the engine?  I didn't see it when I disconnected it from my engine and there's no obvious place to connect it?  It doesn't seem like something that should just be left hanging.  Please help.

  12. Most important thing I see here, besides a well documented video, is that you recommend setting bolts and nuts back where they came from as you go along… best advice ever! Did that with simultaneous rebuild of 2 (two) 6L diesel engines.. keeping the bolts and nuts where they came from ended up with 0, zero, nada, "spare parts" – every nut,bolt,washer, stud and clamp went back to where it came from!

  13. Hey, thanks for the awsome video. I followed it last year to correct some idle issue where the engine would rev up and down, it worked. But this year, on my GC190 engine, it starts very well but I cannot use the compression because the engine doesn't rev up anymore, it always stays on idle.

    Do you have any solution on that? When I pull the trigger on the gun for the pressure washer, there is no pressure and the engine seems it wants to shut off because the RPM goes even lower.

    Thanks for the help.

  14. Hello, I have a GC160 tiller, it starts OK but runs rough, then once warmed up I take the choke off and it makes a popping noise and dies. I have cleaned the carb and all the jets as per your video, but no change. The spark plug is black and I have to clean it very often, any suggestions on what I should look at next would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.  PS – The spark plug is a fairly new one also.

  15. Would you mean if GC 190 Carb & GC 160 Carb are exchangeable? I noticed their part number is different, but unsure if the carb is exchangeable? Could you advise please? Thank you!

  16.  I have a Honda gc190 pressure washer , clean the carburetor  and it is flooding every time I try to start it .Can it be the fuel pump

  17. I have cleaned the carb…but it runs rough after I completed the cleaning and reassembled…could it be possible that I need to adjust something like the idle screw on this thing to smooth it out…It wouldn't run at all before and it seems that little brass tube with the 12 tiny holes was totally blocked..at least 10 of 12. Also, would like to know what a replacement part number for this carburetor would be. My engine is identical to the one you show in the video. I looked yesterday and saw a number on the top of the aluminum housing on the carburetor that said 618DNC25. I would like to have a spare if affordable if I have to take it apart again…also the gaskets although I understand the gaskets come with a lot of the new replacements. Appreciate any assistance you can offer…thanks so much from all us novices…

  18. I just dropped a new honda carb in it and it's doing the exact same thing surging I was looking at the diaphragm for this motor and it shows there is a part called "air guide" it goes in between the carb and the motor with the gaskets and it's missing on my machine could that be my problem??

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