40 thoughts on “Honda GCV / GXV Engine Carburetor Cleaning Guide

  1. Pretty sure for $17 all you can buy is the carb. body. Al the valves, gaskets, etc etc will run you several times that. Otherwise I'd like to know where you bought yours..

  2. I believe the soldering iron is used to melt the glue bonding the limiter cap to the pilot jet. Otherwise the pilot jet is engineered to break when removing the limiter cap.

  3. I really do not understand tutorials that have no speaking in them. Kind of useless. Thanks for spending the time to prepare, film, edit, and NOT speak.

  4. if your mower does not work you should do this, don't even buy a new one i took mine a part.. cleaned and now it's back as new

  5. My mower wouldn't work. I watched your video, broke down the carb (first one I've ever broken down), followed your steps, fired it up, and now I'm fixing to mow. Thanks.

  6. You don't need all of the special tools. A small flat blade screwdriver is used to remove the main jet and a sewing needle pin can be used to unplug the main jet and clear the many perforations on the nozzle that sits above the main jet. Main jet and nozzle are covered starting at 1:26 thru 3:00. Any brand brand of carb cleaner will do just fine. If your engine has been sitting idle a long time and will only run with the choke on you can bet the main jet is plugged up. If you are not going to use a small engine for than 30 days – drain the gas and run engine until it stops. Also use an ethanol enhancer in the fuel. These small engine do not like the 10% ethanol gas that's used these days.

    A great video! Thanks for taking the time. Wish there were more like this. Got right to the point without 5 mins of useless prolog chit-chat.

  7. I couldn't figure out how to get the main jet out and was worried about forcing it with the inner threads from the bowl side. Pressure washer worked on the first pull. Great video. As mentioned, thank you for cutting it down to the bare essentials!

  8. I'm having a problem with my carbeurator leaking from the float. I've tried fastening it as hard as I can. Is it supposed to be fixed in some kind of way so that it doesn't leak?

  9. Awesome! I can drive 25 Miles to get gas w/o ethanol but usually burn 10%
    so, it needed cleaning, but my problem was that the screw holding the input jet had worked loose. from your screen shot, it needs to protrude about 3mm or so. cranked the screw down all they way (5-6mm) and it misfires. about halfway and it runs better than it has in sometime. the jet was basically flush with the input manifold – designed to work its way loose over time…

  10. @Ottoson: I'm having the same leakage problem, but only when the mower is tilted backwards. I suspect the float bowl gasket is faulty. Easy enough to replace.

  11. Good video. I bought one of these engines and used it one time. Put non-ethanol gas in it and ran all the gas out before I stored it for the winter. Yesterday, it wouldn't run. Being a Honda, I figured the carb was stopped up. Never seen this carb before. My jet was clogged, but never found any dirt in it, not sure what clogged it. Thanks for the video.

  12. This was AWESOME! I had tried everything cleaning the carb except that center jet with the tiny holes. i cleaned those out and it started first pull! I like the trick with the allen wrench to leverage it out of the center port! Thanks!

  13. Good description of how to overhaul a carby on a Honda lawn mower.

    I got my dads GCV160 motor running good today as it was running rough & misfiring, I wasn't sure of the portings because I pulled it apart a few times & blew it out with compressed air & it didn't make a difference.

    The primary jet underneath the screw on top of the carby was blocked until I poked a piece of tie wire through it.

    All I may have to do now is adjust the way idle screw as it's idling a bit fast at the moment,at least it isn't coughing & spluttering like it was before.

  14. Hello, great video….. do you have any tips on cleaning and adjusting the engine on a Honda Harmony HRM 215 ? Thanks a ton…… (it's a hard start and seams to be running sluggish, thanks again)

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