Honda generator eu2000i eu1000i carb rebuild

Honda eu series inverter generators Carburetor Rebuild
No more Hard Starts, surging, or dieing.

Honda eu 2000 eu2000 eu 1000 eu1000i inverter generator quite clean rebuild overhaul



19 thoughts on “Honda generator eu2000i eu1000i carb rebuild

  1. Hello I broke the adjustment screw on the side of the carburetor and bought a replacement one is the adjustment like bottom and turn and quarter out. The needle is poking in the carb a little and don't known if its right. thanks

  2. Hi sixtyfiveford don't know if you still monitor this thread but if you do I could use some help. I'm having an issue with the eco throttle after performing this carb rebuild {eco throttle was working fine before}… When I flip the eco throttle switch nothing happens and the generator is always running wide open as if eco throttle is not engaged. Any ideas about what to look for or how to fix this issue?? I also performed a full tune up.

  3. Thank you very much, finally a video that helped me solve a common problem, erratic idling in Eco w little to no load. Many reports don't address the low speed jet located just under the Eco module on top of the carb. Video 2 covers it nicely and after all my efforts to no avail, this video helped me fix the problem. Thank you

  4. did as the video showed and it started OK, but would not  work right without 1/2 choke? thoughts  repeat process?  Dan

  5. Nice video, but be aware that is not necessary to remove the throttle control motor from the top of the carb. Removing it unnecessarily complicates the process, and  if you loose that little spring, you are in trouble.

    Everything you show can be done with the motor left on the carb.

  6. don't have the generator, just watch your vids because you do some of the very best in the place and learn a lot from them

  7. I use copper wire strands as well, softer than brass 🙂
    Then i use a jewlers magnifier to inspect the holes, especially the emulsion tube ones, so tiny.

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