6 thoughts on “HONDA GX 160 ENGINE REBUILD PART # 1

  1. Thanks for the video on the GX.  I just had one come in on a compressor.  The customer said it kept quitting.  Partial spark or flackey low oil sensor.  I replaced the coil anyway (had a spare) and low and behold there was no oil in the crankcase.  drain nut was loose!!!  weird.  Got it running, as I had a blown up engine sitting there.  Still wondering about the oil.
    Thanks  Bruce from Canada.

  2. It would help if you show the process of installing items e.g. the crankshaft, instead of it just cutting to being installed. Thanks for the video it is still helpful

  3. Hey can you please help me I have taking my Honda GX 160 apart to rebuild it and I'm putting back to get there but I forget how the wiring goes to turn on or off switch please help anybody send me some pictures of you wiring

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