Honda GX 390 Throttle Set Up, Throttle Linkage

Throttle linkage set up that should come ‘stock’ on a honda GX390 or 13 HP Honda Clone engine. The outside of the engine is dirty, but the inside is clean 🙂 I dont know the proper terms for all of the parts, but I do know how they work. There are other ways of setting up the throttle, by bypassing that arm (the governor arm!) so you can blow up your engine, but I prefer to keep it stock 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Honda GX 390 Throttle Set Up, Throttle Linkage

  1. Little black bit controlling the actual throttle valve won’t return to idle after pulling. I’ve got no clue, any ideas?

    EDIT: just said screw it and started it up. Guess it doesn’t matter, ran best it’s run yet

  2. kartfab the little linkage that holds the cable i dont have?…. gx270 9hp 1" shaft… but i dont know where to tie up the cable and where to put the cable end connection to give it gas

  3. working on the same set up, the carb flow control whatever it's call where the rod and small spring connect to (the other side connects to the governor arm) it's staying wide open the tension pulls it open which means it's idling high, it should return back to the little idle adjustment screw when letting off the throttle but doesn't return back, any suggestions on what's causing this??

  4. That "arm" is connected to the governor to make sure your engine does reach to high of RPMs. Also its usually easier to quickly remove the gas tank to maneuver around there. Also, if the engine your doing this to is old and has seen a lot of use, you want to replace that gasket that goes on before the carburetor is replaced. Over time the heat expansion destroys it, and gas also that may leak. Jus a couple tips to those doing things in this area. GOOD VIDEO!

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