Honda GX Series Carburetor Service

This video demonstrates the proper procedures for servicing the Honda GX series carburetor. It was made using the GX160 engine but the carburetors on other GX’s are similar. The video was made to educate the students in my class on repairing these carburetors.

For other teachers and those who like to see the printed version, you can go to and print it off.



43 thoughts on “Honda GX Series Carburetor Service

  1. Hi. Very professional video, nice pace, good photography. I am looking for a similar video for the honda BF outboard motor carburetor, without luck so far, so browsing other similar honda carbs. There are strong similarities but the BF carb does not seem to have the pilot jet (time 5-08).
    One question. At time 10-39 you advise a default setting for the pilot screw of 3 turns out, yet in the video (at time 10-55) you seem to open it only 3 half-turns? Ed

  2. Hi there. This is a great video. I am looking for a very simple basic service guide….oil change filter etc. I would like to use to teach my team.


  3. From a UK Prof to a US Prof, Congratulations and many thanks. Your students will be proud and successful having studied with you, Sir.

  4. Can anyone please tell me the correct ratio of unleaded petrol to two stroke oil for this engine, i havent used mine for a few years and i cant remember, the carb has been stripped and cleaned, new oil, i just need to know the fuel ratio.Cheers.

  5. Great video and paper copy.  I have a question about the video though.  There is a hole on the air cleaner side that you didn't clean out (the hole that the metal gasket has a cut out for it).  Where does this passage lead?

  6. guess what because of you ive learned how to clean the carburetor and get my pressure washer working i always love to fix things since i was a kid my husband was always teaching me things as well but he has passed away… so i lost my confidence for a while there but im really glad you posted this video thanks so much ! 2 thumbs up ! to you keep them coming !!:)

  7. Thank you for an extremely clear instructional video, loved it (music and all ;-). I left my fuel tap in the "open" position for over a year when the machine was not in use. Now the carburetor needs to be serviced. Someone said I need to replace all the seals. Is this true and which seals exactly and where would I get them for this engine? Thanks again – greatly appreciate your help!!

  8. Wish Honda would hire you to do instructional websites for their website.
    Compared to yours theirs looks like it was done by an amateur.
    Thank You.

  9. Excellent video, but a question. At 10:40 the video says "install the pilot screw until lightly seated, then turn it THREE TURNS OUT". But the person in the video turns it back three HALF turns. Is this a mistake either by the person on the screw driver, by the video narrator, or is this standard practice in small engine mechanics that a half-turn is called "a turn"? On my engine the original position of the screw was three full turns, or six half turns out.

    Also, there are two different items for which the narrator uses the word 'pilot' – the 'pilot screw' and the 'pilot jet'. What is the purpose and relationship of the two.

  10. Hi.My honda engine motor crank shaft, doesn't spin anymore, and it makes a sound like it is something broke you have any advice?..thank you.

  11. Have some issue's with a GX390 have done most of what you have shown, but did not realise they're is other ports that could be restricted, problem we have is engine starts but dies shortly after, then will not start unless it's left for a few hours ………

  12. Pilot screw tip, you can cut the flat off carefully using a Dremal thin cutter and reuse pilot screw as-is …………

  13. Hoping you still are around, liking this vid, my question is while working on my carb I , like a bonehead broke the ears off at where the float pin slides through securing the float in place, can these be replaced thanks

  14. I gotta tell ya I fought this dang engine for hours today, it ran great a year or so ago but I'm just not familiar enough to figure it out, i mean I took that carb on and off several times with no success, I knew it was a gas problem and after watching this vid BINGO I went back out and sure enough one of the jets I thought I had cleared was plugged , main nozzle, thanks again, still wondering about that plastic part the float attaches to from my question below , I snapped one of the ears off thanks sgain

  15. Hello there from Wester Canada, great video _ one question that I did not see mentioned (although I may have missed it here) _ at about the 10:40 mark you are Seating a Screw and say "Turn out 3x turns.." and then promptly turn it out 3x half-turns.. Which is correct, as a starting point..?? I am about to dismember my GX270 and it appears similar so far..
    Thanks again, and keep up the good work!!

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